The EU and the Climate Con in a nutshell

George Osborne’s CO2 tax will double UK electricity bills. This is, in a nutshell, what our EU membership and the climate con are all about – to impoverish us; to revert back centuries, when ordinary people had nothing and were totally subservient to their masters; the time before thousands of brave men and women of conscience and faith stood up and said, “Enough is enough” and fought for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today – but which are now disappearing again in the quest for global socialism headed by the vast bureaucracies of the UN and EU.

This climate con is deliberately designed to impoverish us, not just by pushing our domestic bills through the roof, but to make our industry even more uncompetitive (especially after all those EU regulations designed for the same purpose) so that the rest of our industry can be transferred to the low wage economies of Asia and the countries of the West can be taken over more easily once they been economically thrashed to death.

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3 Responses to The EU and the Climate Con in a nutshell

  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    You’re a delusional idiot; people like you are a danger to the world.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    When I saw your attempt at a comment in the “comments pending” inbox, I thought you were a particularly rude spammer, but having checked your blog, I assume you are serious.

    I’m a danger to the world, am I? For exposing a major con trick.

    But don’t tell me, billions of us have to die to save the world, am I right? Let’s start with the old folks and tax them hard so they can afford to heat their homes even less during the winter. They’re just a waste of the earth’s resources anyway, aren’t they?

    And in my experience, anyone who uses the term “a delusional idiot” to describe another person is a pretty uneducated fellow. Not just rude ignorant, but intellectually ignorant too.

    Please come back and visit if you ever find something worthwhile to say.

  3. Little Mo says:

    More of this please, noble defender of Truth

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