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You Could Not Trust Cameron Then and You Cannot Trust Him Now

So, we’re to get a referendum on our EU membership/enslavement in the next four or five years, are we? That is, if people are nuts enough to vote for the David Cameron Party again next time, because Ed Miliband doesn’t … Continue reading


Obama Declares War on Reality

Occasionally, there is an article in the mainstream media which is as good as you will find on the best blogs: honest, well-written and fearless. James Delingpole wrote such a piece yesterday. I will reproduce it here, lest the Telegraph … Continue reading


Roll Up! Roll Up! Everything in Scotland Will Be Free. Come On In, Everyone!

Alex Salmond does it again. After “independence” (i.e. ruled directly from Brussels, cutting out the Westminster middlemen), it will be enshrined in the Scottish constitution (to last forever) that everyone in the rest of the EU can come here and … Continue reading


The West Has Now Been Almost Totally Subverted: KGB Defector Explains the Process

I don’t know how I have never heard of this chap, Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), before, but here he spells out how the KGB subverted nations to bring them down. Thirty years later, you can appreciate just how successful … Continue reading


Workers and Shirkers

The welfare bill has just passed by a majority of 56. Apparently, “Britain’s poorest households will be hit hardest by government plans to limit rises in working-age benefits to 1% in a bid to save £3.1bn by 2016.” That is … Continue reading


We Joined the EEC 40 Years Ago Today. Could You Name the UK’s Top 5 Mistakes?

Nigel Farage reminded us on Facebook that “40 years ago today Britain joined the EEC: our worst ever mistake.” What do you think, pop pickers? Here are my UK’s Top 5 Mistakes, 1967 The Abortion Act 1973 EEC 1997 Blair … Continue reading


So, it’s “New Year” is it? Why? Who says?

From Wikipedia, “It is believed that Julius Caesar first proposed the idea of having January 1 as the first day of the year way back in 46 BC. This is because the month of January has been named after the … Continue reading

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