Roll Up! Roll Up! Everything in Scotland Will Be Free. Come On In, Everyone!

Comrade Salmond

Comrade Salmond

Alex Salmond does it again. After “independence” (i.e. ruled directly from Brussels, cutting out the Westminster middlemen), it will be enshrined in the Scottish constitution (to last forever) that everyone in the rest of the EU can come here and get a free university education. So Stavros from Thessalonica or Olga from Riga or, when they are admitted, Mahmud from Istanbul, can waltz into Scotland at any time in the future, wave the constitution around and demand a place at university. Salmond also wants homelessness legislation in the constitution, so that means they will have a right to be housed too; and be entitled to free healthcare and their children given free schooling and free pensions and free bus passes for all the old folk who come over. It’s all free in Wee Eck’s Magic Kingdom, where money grows on trees and his 50p minimum unit of alcohol will no doubt finally end our centuries’ old alcohol problems, as the backstreet boozers get renovated into pavement cafes and stylish bistros and where teenagers change their old routines. No more evenings in the park with a poly bag of Buckfast bottles for them. From now on, it’s strictly picnics by the river with a wicker basket of healthy fare and a gingham tablecloth to lay it on and maybe a decent bottle of Merlot.

Kids these days...

At present, everyone from the EU can already get free education at a Scottish university, except for the English, Welsh and Northern Irish. Nice, eh? But after “independence within Europe” the SNP won’t be allowed to discriminate against their fellow Brits any longer.

The Mad Marxist is a total menace; a danger; a traitor. I think he’s in place to further subvert Scotland. One of his ambitions is to invite half the world to live in Scotland. This is probably what’s driving him on this latest crazy idea. Plus, with half or more of Scottish school leavers at Uni learning something useless (as per KGB subversion programming) it also leaves the door open to immigrants taking the jobs that the Scots (of all ages, probably) would have applied for had they not taken advantage of this “free” education. They may well find that they are rendered unable to pay the rent on their student flat because some Latvian or Bulgarian has been given the barman or shelf-stacking job they were going to do.

No offence to Latvians or Bulgarians. I’m sure they wouldn’t want their own version of Comrade Salmondski re-engineering their country either. They have had quite enough of that malarkey. With a vast tide of foreigners being added to our frail five million population, it won’t be Scotland anymore, but some globalist socialist politically-correct “Utopia” where nothing works and nobody has two pound coins (or Euros or Salmondos) to rub together.

But, I imagine that’s the aim.

Still, as long as the SNP go on about their “independence” most supporters won’t have a clue as to what that entails; that it is really indy-pretence. It seems to me that the people who want it most want it out of nothing more than vanity. I can’t see any logical reason for supporting Alex Salmond.

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6 Responses to Roll Up! Roll Up! Everything in Scotland Will Be Free. Come On In, Everyone!

  1. Leg-iron says:

    The man is insane. Who does he imagine is going to pay for all those freebies?

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    He may have a cunning plan, like arranging for the rest of the UK’s £53 million a day EU contribution to be sent in tartan suitcases to his palace, if he’ll be Brussels’ biggest lapdog. He’ll need a palace, definitely. Probably several, like Saddam had. Saddam had people in the south gassed, didn’t he? I’d better be careful what I say down here in Galloway!

    I’ve just been writing about another cunning plan: “US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 was written in November 1944 and describes top German industrialists meeting to decide the future of their country when it looked like they would lose the War, and that the “Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire – but not just German”.

    I’ve been thinking; they ‘lost’ the war, but their cunning plan may count as a no score draw…

  3. Reid Wyllie says:

    I am rather concerned by not only the racist overtones to this article but also the fact that there is nothing actually factual in it. Like almost all anti-independence articles it comes across as little more than a scaremongering rant. Also, it once again seeks to impress upon people the notion that Scottish independence is some kind of personal vanity project of Alex Salmond’s. The SNP existed before he was a politician, the idea of Scottish independence existed before he was even born, and Scotland will be an independent country long after he and the rest of us will be dead and gone.
    If you have something constructive to say please say it. Otherwise please leave the debate to those with positive ideas and intelligent contributions.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    You are so pre-programmed that you respond with “racist” where absolutely none is intended. What is “racist”? Go on – make me laugh. I’ll tell you how racist I am: I entered “human race” in the ethnicity question in the 2011 census because I believe there is only one race. It’s people like you who are “racist” – against your own people – by approving of measures that will destroy the country.

    And you are a blind fool if you think that independence means being ruled from Brussels and Strasbourg. You cannot see that I am trying to protect the interests of my country by pointing out that Salmond is a total danger.

    You, sir, would seem incapable of being able to debate intelligently, so don’t come onto my blog and declare yourself a superior intellect when you clearly are not.

  5. Paul Jensen says:

    I have mixed feeling about the independence thing. (as it is, people in Scotland will not vote for independence anyway) I grew up in Scotland and I am regarded as a Scot but with no say in anything Scottish, I am a non person living in England. My memories and opinions of the authorities and the elites in Scotland, are probably not that much different from the families that were swindled out of their land a couple of centuries ago. The SNP are actually made up of a lot of folk that used to vote conservative, it is where the conservative vote went. I just do not buy into the dribble about freebies for all. Social engineering following the dictate global powers yes. A yes vote would have to be followed by a revolution would make more sense to me. The currency issues too problematic? It is all just a lot of old horse shit, it is to keep peoples mind occupied and not focused on the real issues in Scotland and the UK today. My comment is not about you Stewart, it is about the Independence ‘Thing’.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    If we do get indy-pretence then Scotland will be ruled by consecutive Labour and SNP governments, with orders to do practically everything by Brussels and Geneva and comply with every stupid carbon con and ‘human rights’ lying document they sign us up to. These ‘Nats’ will be begging for things to go back to what they were after a few years of this. It’s so obvious what will happen when you let a bunch of lunatics run amok.

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