The West Has Now Been Almost Totally Subverted: KGB Defector Explains the Process

I don’t know how I have never heard of this chap, Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), before, but here he spells out how the KGB subverted nations to bring them down. Thirty years later, you can appreciate just how successful the “Marxist-Leninists” have been in subverting Western culture. Of course, it’s not all down to the Ruskies. Our own Fabian socialists have been doing the same for many decades. Their symbol is a tortoise, because they knew from the start that they would need to change society very, very slowly – almost imperceptibly – to create their socialist dream. 130 years later and we are almost at the “Crisis” stage.

Listen to this and you will understand why all our mainstream political parties have been governing the way they have been. They have all been subverted now, so that even the Tories are actually pursuing this agenda. Take “equality”. From 26:02 mins in the video, Mr Bezmenov explains that the ‘equality’ lie is so we build our society on sand so it will collapse. With Cameron rushing through “gay marriage” and Alex Salmond ignoring the will of the people after two-thirds showed disapproval in his fake consultation on the same issue, it is clear that we are being governed by complete traitors. I don’t believe they are so naive as to think they are acting in the country’s best interests.

Please watch this and spread it far and wide. You will learn why, for example, Labour wanted half of school leavers to go onto further education and learn something useless and unproductive; why religion had to be ridiculed and undermined; why criminals must have rights, and much more.

The scary thing is that we are so much further down the line now that we are very near the “Crisis” stage. People are looking for a “saviour” as Mr Bezmenov calls it. Perhaps this explains the mad rush to believe in all the various end-of-the-world frauds of the past year or two. It certainly explains why there is still support for the European Union, in which people assume we will be kept safe. Nothing could be further from reality; the whole Continent has now been ideologically subverted. A socialist dystopia is absolutely guaranteed unless the EU is made to crumble and we return to our values and regain every piece of sovereignty wantonly and unconstitutionally given away.

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