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Tom Harris MP and Other Useful Idiots: Can and Should Arrests Be Made?

This all happened shortly before the terrible events at the Boston marathon… I am rarely on Twitter these days and about three weeks ago I wondered if Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South, had blocked me, like several of … Continue reading

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St Margaret of Assisi or the Woman Who Made Blair Possible? Reminiscing on the Thatcher Years

I now, finally, have the time and inclination to write about the life, death (and aftermath) of Margaret Thatcher. The Peter Brookes cartoon, incidentally, was published in The Times two days before the 1983 general election. It is equally valid … Continue reading


Tories to Tax Children’s Pocket Money

Today sees the start of the “Bedroom Tax” The aim is to tackle overcrowding and encourage a more efficient use of social housing. Says the government, as they keep allowing in millions of migrants and giving them council houses. As … Continue reading