Changing the Face of Britain: an Agenda a Long Time in the Making

Frank Davis writes some of the best blog posts out there, in my opinion. He is often “Banging on about the Smoking Ban,” but his interest in statistics and science makes for good reading too. (That’s not him in the photo obviously, but he was just down the street from Nigel Farage in Stony Stratford, as part of a demo against one local councillor’s attempt to ban smoking on the streets there.)

Unlike certain bloggers, he tries to post every day, and his offering today is about why he is voting UKIP. He says that, I was actually quite content living in Britain until about 10 years ago, when it started to become another country, and an increasingly alien country.

That’s probably how most people feel, as it has taken so long for the social engineering to kick in to truly discernible levels. My reply to Frank was this:

I would disagree with one thing. The rot has been setting in since the 60s (and before). The “sexual revolution” and hippie subculture were no grassroots movements, but carefully crafted social engineering. The eugenics that led to abortion on demand, the LCP, “family planning” for depopulation purposes, started in the 30s with Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, the former craving the creation of a master race through selective breeding and the latter wanting to eradicate the blacks. Our society is now founded on the “principles” of these individuals and many like them.

Now, the Gates Foundation, with UK taxpayers’ money (I thought the Gates’s were billionaires dozens of times over and we were skint?), are using the same techniques in Africa.

The Fabian Society knew in the 19th century that the only way to a fully socialist society was by destroying the family and have been setting about to ensure it becomes a reality slowly-but-surely, hence their tortoise as a symbol. Almost every Western government is guided by Fabian skulduggery.

The global authoritarian movement (One Word Government/Global Governance/NWO: call it what you will) has been brewing for many decades and I see many bloggers, awake to most of it, but still don’t see the whole picture.

For example, “equality” for same-sex relationships is supported by many libertarians, but it is simply another way of destroying the family and our culture. “Population Matters” even supports same-sex relationships as an additional way of reducing the population.

There is rarely, if ever, a genuine grassroots movement. That’s why there are 27,000 fake (i.e. mainly taxpayer-funded) “charities” in the UK. The Government (EU/UN) wants to enact changes as part of the agenda and their “charities” cajole them with “statistics” and weighted opinion polls so that there is an impression that the desire for change is widespread. All done under the guise of “health”, “equality” or “saving the planet/environment”.

So, people who disagree can be discredited with the usual names of “bigot” or “climate change denier” and easily dismissed and the agenda steamrolls ahead.

All with the help of the mass media, which they also control, and why the internet is coming under attack, as the last bastion of free speech, now that soap-box speakers can be arrested if someone who overhears is offended, or a PCSO, fresh from his diversity training, believes that certain opinions (and taking photographs in the High Street) are illegal and the thought criminals must be punished.

No, this all kicked off before anyone who is alive today was even born.

It had to be done dead slowly. Imagine the armed forces coming home after the War (like a man I know who was shot down over France and held as a POW in Germany for two years – still buys flags from me) and everyone celebrating and going off down the pub, ordering a pint and lighting up – then shouted at to stand outside, while the cans of Glade are sprayed around in case the police come in and have them done. The locals wouldn’t have comprehended why they had sacrificed so much for the past six years. And then discovering that while they were distracted with the War that their sixteen year old lad can now legally be buggered by a fifty year old man and their children at primary school are encouraged to wear women’s clothes so they can “express their feminine side” (thanks again, Stonewall) and their own culture and flag, even, is considered racist and criminals have better “human rights” than their victims.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey. And I know I spent far too long allowing myself to be treated like a monkey by going along with most of it. I used to vote Labour until about a decade ago, so I have lived the majority of my adult years as a thicko.

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One Response to Changing the Face of Britain: an Agenda a Long Time in the Making

  1. Rich says:

    Your allusion to post-war, ostensibly Old Labour-style ideals, recalled to mind the Di Canio business some months ago. Trendy lefty commentators in rags like the i were effectively claiming the grandfathers of the present (at the time in question welcoming to Di Canio) Sunderland supporters would turn in their graves due to his ‘abhorrent fascist principles’. If the same forbears were to return to their either desolate or sham-commercial city today – more so still the conurbations further south – I rather think they’d identify infinitely more with the actual views of the said ‘taly than the destructive hydra the Socialist-Equality movement has cleary become (as likely always was intended the original intention).

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