Monthly Archives: September 2013

Will Atheist “Churches” Catch On?

Atheists are planning a network of “churches” where unbelievers can gather to enjoy the benefits of church, but without the inconvenient parts which are a bit of a bummer for people who want to carry on sinning and not be … Continue reading


Now that everything is wrapped in plastic, we have to pay for plastic bags to carry it all home in

So, the people of England are to be charged fivepence for a cheap poly bag to carry home their shopping as from 2015. Yes, it’s another one of Nick Clegg’s contributions to the Coalition. According to Slugger O’Toole, shoppers in … Continue reading


A Poison on Most People’s Shopping Lists

I cannot believe I haven’t written about water fluoridation before on this blog (I’ve just had to add a new category on the right-hand side!). Well, here goes. I thought I might as well turn a comment I left on … Continue reading