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‘Reunification of Europe’

Martin Schulz, the European Parliament President, has written on Facebook, Day 3: On 1st July 2013, #Croatia joined #EU. Europe took important step towards reunification and linked to this press release from last summer. Reunification? Reunification? The persons who previously … Continue reading

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Nation of Morons

I have pinched Frank Davis’ title of his recent post in which he contemplates the increasing stupidity and mediocrity in the country these days. Frank quotes from this article which states that smoking increases IQ by six points and writes, … Continue reading

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Banning Smoking in Mental Hospitals

Via Frank Davis (Via Rose) I became aware of this piece in The Lancet, Helping smokers quit in secondary-care services. It is not so much a matter of “helping”, rather fascist bully-boy tactics for both patients and staff and I’ll … Continue reading

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