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Latest Law: Go to Jail for not Loving your Children

H/T to Anna Raccoon for news of this incredible new law about to benefit lawyers soon, whereby parents will face up to ten years in prison if they fail to love their children. As Anna writes, This will set off … Continue reading


Rowan Williams Warns of Climate Catastrophe

Just what does a former Archbishop of Canterbury do to stay in the limelight? This one, who wasn’t a Christian as far as I could make out; he was more of a Druid; a Pagan, that I could see, joins … Continue reading


Scottish Islands Call For Their Own Independence Referenda

The plot thickens. The week following Scotland’s “Independence” Referendum in September (i.e. direct rule from Brussels and Geneva, cutting out the Westminster middlemen), a petition to seek independence for the Western Isles, Shetland and Orkney has been lodged with the … Continue reading

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Memories of Concorde, British Caledonian and Tony Benn

When I lived in Catford, S.E. London, in the 1990s, Concorde used to fly past daily. It was a strangely beautiful sight. Can’t work out why. The design? The patriotism? Mankind’s mastery of the skies? Some people these days describe … Continue reading

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The UK’s Most Radical Revolutionaries are in Government

I look forward to reading Frank Davis’s blog every morning. Yesterday, he wrote that while the mainstream media paint UKIP as the revolutionaries, it’s actually the so-called mainstream parties who are, After all, with a few exceptions, the political class … Continue reading


Slick Propaganda Could Win Scottish ‘Independence’

This leaflet dropped through the door yesterday. Now, that is some claim. So stupid, you would think, that anyone who read it would instinctively vote “No”. Inside, we learn that they are talking about power resources, not vying for military … Continue reading


‘Planetary Health’

Frank Davis has picked up Chris Snowdon’s piece about the Lancet’s Manifesto and both offer their opinions about this socialist claptrap dressed up as concern and full of the usual ideas about how to produce a sustainable planet full of … Continue reading

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People in Glass Houses

Struan Stevenson is a Scottish MEP, who has posted this on Facebook: To which I responded: I expect this may be the latest in a long line of politicians to unfriend me! I wrote this in 2010: The long road … Continue reading


How Will They Kill Billions of People?

By ‘They’ I mean the unelected, unaccountable elites who think of the rest of us as “cattle” and who consider that there are far too many of us already. Far, far too many and we need culled. This is what … Continue reading


How New Visitors Find This Blog

These are some of the Google & Yahoo search terms used in the past five days to find the new-look blog. This is one of the joys of checking the stats. (But I never claimed most of these things!): alien … Continue reading

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