How Will They Kill Billions of People?

By ‘They’ I mean the unelected, unaccountable elites who think of the rest of us as “cattle” and who consider that there are far too many of us already. Far, far too many and we need culled.

This is what ‘sustainability’ really means. It is what UN Agenda 21 is really about and I have been thinking for quite a while about how they could kill off billions of us and after reading this post by Leg-iron today, it occurred to me they could achieve it in many ways.

I am assuming that they won’t go down the blatant route of the likes of Stalin and have us lined up and shot, but you really never know.

How about the Third World War? Ukraine seems like a good firelighter. But then, while it might kill billions of us, they’ve nuked their global playground. Biowarfare? Or up the food warfare, which has been going on for a couple of decades or more with artificial ingredients causing harm of all kinds and GM food which kills the lab animals they test it on but declared ‘safe’ for humans to eat.

Leggy points to an article about studies which have shown that we are far too reliant on far too few plant crops and he concludes that,

The number of different varieties grown in the world has been in decline for quite some time, and it’s now at a point where the emergence of a single wheat pathogen can all but wipe out the world’s wheat – because we are all growing the same few varieties.

If the depopulators can factor in just a handful of varieties of each crop and produce pests with voracious appetites which can strip them bare, they’ll have instant mass starvation. Well they’ll be fine, of course. We’ll be starving.

If the world goes completely GM and Monsanto produces all the seed and accidentally on purpose gets things horribly wrong then there’s mass starvation or if they sell the seed at exorbitant prices (they already do), farmers can’t afford it, so the crops are not grown and even when they do grow, can produce poor harvests and send farmers into debt. 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide partly due to Monsanto’s false promises on yields and unworkably high prices of seed, which of course has to be bought from Monsanto every year, as it is patented.

I’m convinced that with increasing global governance China’s one child policy will be rolled out across the planet, even though the birth-rate in many countries is in decline and Japan is expected to see its population fall by a quarter in the next few decades, such is the low fertility rate there.

That’s why the eugenicist Gates’s are in Africa (billionaires many times over, but still in receipt of UK taxpayers’ money for their ‘charity’ work). To reduce the birth-rate and fill the babies full of vaccines, which they admit will also reduce the population.

There are all sorts of measures already in place. ‘Family planning’, devised by truly mad, humanity-hating individuals, like Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, reduced the UK fertility rate to a dangerous level a few years ago and it’s due to the immigrant influx that it’s nearly up to the 2.1 children per woman required to sustain the current population.

Power shortages and further large price increases to come due to the government sabotaging our power stations by order of the EU will undoubtedly kill off even more old folk in winter, but probably younger people too, especially if combined with food shortages, unemployment and cuts or complete loss of benefits.

The real purpose of the carbon con, I believe, is to deindustrialise the West, thus leaving us open to the ‘saviour’ of a relative Utopia via a global government that will promise to help us with food and power supplies.

Things are going to get very ugly indeed, because most people aren’t interested in ‘bad news’ when there’s footie on the telly and a pizza in the oven and a few tinnies in the fridge. As the theme from ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ says, “That’s living alright”.

Not for much longer.

The whole shebang goes very deep. The WHO seems to be run by Big Pharma, whose Codex Alimentarius resulted in the EU banning hundreds of over-the-counter natural remedies, which have never been proven to have caused any deaths unlike the Pharmers’ catalogue of disasters.

But again, it’s about killing people. That’s what socialised ‘healthcare’ seems to be increasingly concerned with.

It was the WHO that changed the definition of a pandemic just so that the Pharmers could sell tens of millions more of their expensive vaccines to governments.

Dr Mercola goes on to write:

I was so convinced this was a deceptive scam that I wrote an entire book on the subject; The Great Bird Flu Hoax. In it I explained how:

Multi-national drug companies and food corporations pour billions into manipulating your perception of health and the daily news, just to increase their profits … and the health threats (and ethics breaches) they are REALLY responsible for

Scientists are bought by drug companies and other big business to report whatever “research findings” they have been purchased to report

Government is more than just complicit – it works with the drug companies and other stalwarts of the conventional healthcare paradigm, and are directly responsible for raising false alarms in order to draw your attention AWAY from the real public health and safety issues they perpetuate

The UNESCO biospheres are about land grabs, essentially, so that we are forced, even more so, into towns and cities and people denied the opportunity to engage in commerce and house-building on large swathes of land.

Scotland’s first biosphere is right on my doorstep and covers around 2,000 square miles, which is one-fifteenth of the total area of Scotland. Biospheres consist of three zones, the Core, the Buffer and the Transition on the outside. Even the Transition area,

is the part of the Biosphere Reserve where people live and can work together to make the best use of our local resources. Such as the development of low energy housing, environmentally friendly farming, and nature based tourism.

What the area is actually being used for is a giant wind farm. These are the approvals and applications for this part of the world:

I assume that by “nature based tourism” they mean, “come and see the birds being chopped up by the turbines”.

What is really happening is that human activity is being stunted. You can’t expect to have a thriving tourist industry with a landscape covered in giant turbines. This part of the world has been more or less an unspoilt area in over forty years that I have visited as a tourist and to see relatives and now living here. It doesn’t need ‘protection’. What we need are jobs, not barriers to employment.

UN and EU involvement makes the notion of Scottish independence a complete mockery. Where will the next ‘biosphere’ be located? What EU legislation will make what remains of our industry even less competitive?

Take a look at the North Devon Biosphere.

north-devon-biosphereIt occupies a huge chunk of the county and has national parks on two sides, so restrictions on human activity all around.

It is a slow and gradual takeover of the entire planet and the enslavement of the people.


Further reading: just some of the areas of the UK which have already embraced Agenda 21 (further down the article): Haters of Humanity Revisited – and Their Numbers Are Growing

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