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Feed the World – Let Them Know It’s Cockroach Time

Leg-iron has found an article in Food Navigator about the alleged benefits of eating insects over livestock. The idea is that waste food could be used to feed insects and people eat the protein-rich creepy crawlies. The Dutch ‘expert’ has … Continue reading

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UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

In the latest poll for The Times, UKIP is in first place, three points ahead of Labour. The mainstream media and parties are now so concerned about the threat from UKIP that they scour Twitter for any off-colour (pun intended) … Continue reading


Why Do the Poor Demand the Rich Pay More Tax, Rather Than The Poor Pay Less?

The answer might seem obvious, that the more the rich pay the less the poor have to pay. Let’s get one myth out of the way. The one which says that taxing the rich ever higher amounts leads to greater … Continue reading

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Why ‘New Puritans’ is a Misnomer

Time and again, I read the ‘ban it’ control freaks of today termed ‘New Puritans’. Simon Cooke has just encouraged me to put the record straight on this. The ‘New Puritans’ differ, I think, from the old type in very … Continue reading


Robert Green Arrested Again. Would an ‘Independent’ Scotland be a Police State?

I received an email this morning linking to this article about the arrest, in Cheshire by police from Aberdeen, of Hollie Greig campaigner, Robert Green, who has been harassed and intimidated by police for years as he has fought for … Continue reading


Farage Defies Clegg’s Lies on Televised Debate

Like Frank Davis, I too watched Round 2 of Clegg vs Farage on BBC iplayer, seeing as I don’t pay the TV tax. I mention Frank, because I left a long comment on his blog that I thought I would … Continue reading


I’m Not Doing an ‘April Fool’ Post, But…

For one reason, it’s difficult to tell which stories are real every other day of the year, but the more insane the world is becoming, inventing new, believable ones becomes ever more tricky. I notice that The Telegraph has a … Continue reading

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