Be Careful What You Say

Daily Express home pageIt’s what the social engineers wanted: a people so scared they would adopt a politically correct stance for fear of reprisals. We seem to be getting there quickly.

The picture above is the home page of the Express website during the night. The top two stories are about people who are alleged to have said or have tweeted things politically incorrect and are therefore embarrassing their employers because they know that almost everyone has now bought into political correctness to some degree.

Jeremy Clarkson is in the news yet again for opening his trap. This time it’s serious for him. The BBC has told him he will be sacked if he makes “one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time”.

That should be pretty soon, I expect. Maybe by the time I have finished writing this piece?

The Mirror got their hands on an outtake from an episode of Top Gear, where Clarkson was to recite the nursery rhyme “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe”, but when it came to the N-word, he mumbled it on the first two takes then changed it to “Teacher” on the broadcast version. Clarkson explains in a brief video on the BBC’s article that on hearing the first versions, one of the mumbles sounds like he does say the N-word and made sure that this was not broadcast.

Clarkson added: “I use the F-word pretty much constantly and the C-word too, especially when I’m talking about James May. But the N-word? No. It’s not in my lexicon.”

I find these people unbearable. They tend to be the most boring of individuals too. Empty vessels and all that. I must have mentioned it before, but many years ago, I had dinner in a restaurant in Glasgow with some friends of mine and Tom ‘Dr Who’ Baker. It was mortifying listening to him – and I’m sure the whole place could hear his booming voice – with his constant expletive-laden spiel. And his attitude towards women was quite repulsive. He was a monk for years in his youth while he would much rather have played the field, so I guess that explains his extreme form of misogyny.

I expect that Clarkson has psychological issues too. Perhaps he pretends to be a big man by swearing and slating others out of self-doubt?

(Enough junior psychology – Ed)

The other story is about a man called Harry Perry, who had been a UKIP candidate in the impending local council elections, but has instead been suspended from the party for his very un-PC tweets.

The Express is supposed to be the UKIP-supporting paper, but even they cannot resist giving these stories prominence like Channel 4, as I wrote about in my previous post.

The Express explains,

A WOULD-be Ukip councillor has been suspended after allegedly describing David Cameron as a “gay-loving nutcase” and homosexuality as “an abomination before god”.


Harry Perry also appeared to refer to Muslims as “devil’s kids” on his Twitter account.

He is the latest member to be disowned by the party for controversial comments.

Today, Ukip leader Nigel Farage claimed that his views were “entirely inconsistent” with being a member of the party.

Earlier this year, Oxfordshire councillor David Silvester was suspended after claiming that the Somerset floods were the result of the government legalising gay marriage.

And last year, Godfrey Bloom quit the Ukip group in Europe after saying that women who did not clean behind the fridge were “sluts”.

Mr Farage claimed that “every part has these kids (sic) of problems”.

Looking at Mr Perry’s Twitter account, he’s obviously a Christian.

Harry Perry TwitterIt annoys me the way in which some people try to express themselves. Of course, these wannabe councillors – many thousands around the country – are just ordinary men and women. You could argue that the majority are not exactly tuned into Reality FM.

Mr Perry has his cap lock on for some reason and his misuse of punctuation is obvious. He thought he had joined a party that stood for traditional values and freedom of speech, but didn’t think properly before engaging fingers on keyboard.

With UKIP’s exponential rise in popularity, it makes me wonder that if Nigel Farage was to become Prime Minister that anything would change.

I don’t agree that women who fail to clean behind the fridge are sluts and it’s a bizarre thing to come out with, but as Farage says,

I could show you 14 elected councillors from the Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative parties who haven’t just said nasty things they’ve been convicted this year of nasty things.

And yet it never makes a national headline. I am not saying we haven’t had our problems, we have.

Every party has these kinds of problems but there is a completely disproportionate media spotlight on what goes wrong in Ukip compared to the others.

You just have to be careful that you don’t offend anyone, even if David Cameron is a “gay-loving nutcase”.

Of more concern is that he bends over backwards to obey orders from the EU, which is the reason he rushed through same-sex “marriage”, bypassing the usual protocols.

But news just in: Tory candidate quits over homophobic and anti-Islamic tweets,

David Bishop, a candidate in Brentwood South, Essex, apologised after retweeting messages, including one that claimed Islam was the religion of rape.

“I have let myself and my party down,” Mr Bishop said in a statement.

Mr Bishop, who is also a DJ in the Brentwood area, retweeted one message on 13 April that read: “How CAN a gay guy keep a straight face?”

Louise McKinlay, group leader of Brentwood Conservatives, added that Mr Bishop’s views had “no place in our team”.

“David’s decision to step down was the right thing to do and I am pleased the party has backed this and accepted his resignation from the team and from the party,” she said.

He’s been a very naughty boy, hasn’t he?

As Chris Mason, a BBC political correspondent writes, The past few weeks have rather convincingly rammed home that Twitter is a remarkably efficient way of obliterating a political career.

There’s no forgiveness though. They are either shown the door or walk out it themselves.

Be careful what you say. You might want to be a politician one day.

I’ll tell you what is offensive. When an MP talks to you like this after simply asking if any of his opinions have changed in the years we’ve not been in touch, especially after a man won his court case for refusing to pay for a television licence because the BBC covered up 9/11:

Stewart, I’m not going to indulge these paranoid lies and deceptions of you and the conspiracy theorists. If you post any more of this cr*p I’ll unfriend you.

But that’s all right, I suppose? To be called a liar and accused of being paranoid and sworn at by a supposed elected representative.

As long as you don’t make jokes about ‘gays’ keeping a straight face or Islam not being too clever, you can be a nasty oik like Tom Harris.

He has played his part in the destruction of our country and thinks he can talk to people like they’re filth as long as he stays politically correct. This creature claims to be a Christian, but helped create a society that persecutes genuine Christians.

And This is the sort of hypocrite who would demand someone resigns for offending people.


Hypocrite Tom Harris MP who wears a poppy after helping send our boys off to die in unnecessary wars.

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