Private Armies and Police Forces in Banana Republic Britain

The Atholl Highlanders is the only private army in the UK and apparently in Europe. The British Army, of course, has become a giant band of mercenaries. The private army of the globalists for reining in the Muslim world.

Because the real police spend so much time on paperwork and making sure they fulfil quotas by arresting people for petty offences, we’ve had these clown-like figures called PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) for a few years. In addition, some towns and cities now have their own “enforcement officers” (lovely police state title) provided by private security companies.

cigarette-butt-woman-rhylThis story from Rhyl is unsettling. Anna Taylor received a fixed-penalty notice for littering when two of these ‘officers’ claimed she threw away a cigarette end. But she insists she is a non-smoker.

This is crazy because these non-police can issue you with a fine for an alleged crime (no judge or jury) yet aren’t allowed to check for evidence at the scene.

These “enforcement officers” are employees of a private company called Kingdom Security Services, who also spy on people walking their dogs.

The dog poo warriors have cameras to record the action, so not sure why the dog end Gestapo don’t.

Looking down Kingdom’s long list of vacancies, I see that they pay their “enforcement officers” £6.97 per hour plus ‘Bonus’.

So Anna Taylor, the non-smoker who casually throws cigarette ends around her town, disputes the charge and walks to the police station “with the enforcement officers following behind” and lo and behold, the coppers also order her to sign the confession of guilt rather than give her a breath test which would prove her innocence. They told her that she could still appeal against it.

Next you know, they’ll be doing things like this for the backhanders like in other banana republics. Maybe that’s what the ‘bonuses’ are?

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