The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up

Matt Briggs writes: If You Disagree You Are Full Of Hate, You Bigot. It’s how the Left thinks. Not that they tend to think in any meaningful way. Anyway, he reminds us of how it used to be,

The Mind-Your-Own-Business used to play strong. You did what you wanted, I did what I wanted, and with the usual provisos and within well known boundaries, as long we both kept to ourselves, we could still get along. We could even be friends.

But this idea is now dead. To modern moralists, everything is their business. And nothing makes them happier than telling people what to do.

Disagreement is not and cannot be tolerated. Disagreement makes the modern moralist feel bad about himself, and there is no worse sin than making somebody feel bad. If a person disagrees with a modern moralist, the only explanation the modern moralist can imagine is that this person is full of hate, that he is a raving bigot, or that he is insane.

After a couple of other topics, he writes about the amazing police state that Colorado seems to have become. Apparently, the government there now owns people’s consciences,

Remember that Colorado bakery who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple? So-called same-sex marriage is illegal in Colorado, incidentally. No matter. The government said the man must still bake the cake in spite of his religious beliefs. And that he must undergo “sensitivity training”, which is the current euphemism for Reeducation Camp.

Fox News adds,

In its decision, the panel required Phillips to submit quarterly reports for two years that show how he has worked to change discriminatory practices by altering company policies and training employees. Phillips also must disclose the names of any clients who are turned away.

He is not planning on complying.

“Obey Christ rather than worry about what man can do to you,” Phillips said.

The publicity hasn’t done his business any harm,

Meanwhile, the bullying tactics of the militant gay rights community have not hampered the bakery’s bottom line. They’ve gotten so much business from the sales of cookies and brownies, they’ve temporarily stopped making wedding cakes.

That’s one way out of the conundrum, I suppose.

Some nine or ten years ago, I received a telephone call from a woman asking for the cost of an EU flag, but instead of all-yellow stars, they were to be alternately red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Suspecting that it must be some LGBT matter, I enquired as to its purpose. It was to be used at the ‘wedding’ of this English woman and a Dutch woman.

I declined, stating my objections to same-sex behaviour.

Later in the day, I received quite a lengthy email from her saying that most people would have taken the order while secretly despising her.

I explained that I didn’t despise her and offered a fuller insight into my decision.

This is how grown-ups handle situations. There is no need for spite or accusations or legal proceedings and press coverage to stir up division throughout the nation. Of course, this is the purpose of the high profile cases, such as Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who run a B&B in Cornwall and only offer double rooms to married (i.e. heterosexual) couples and were taken to court by two homosexuals, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, who demanded a double room and were left disappointed. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court where this ‘discrimination’ was deemed unlawful.

They had already been fined £3,600 due to this duo apparently trying it on. Bernie Quinn, who worked at the hotel, hinted that it was a set-up, as Stonewall had written to the Bulls advising them of new equality regulations a month before Preddy and Hall’s booking.

If so, not grown-up behaviour, but what else would you expect from control freaks who demand not just acceptance of their chosen lifestyle, but full-on celebration.

Sorry, Stonewall and the like. Some us us will never play ball no matter what devious tricks you have up your sleeve. Stonewall should disgust every right-minded person from some of their propaganda techniques.

Some people will not have their precious conscience molested. Get over it!

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3 Responses to The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up

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  2. Flaxen Saxon says:

    I agree that the state should have no say in how we conduct our business or personal life. If a business owner doesn’t want to ‘serve’ someone, on whatever grounds, I don’t see why ‘the powers’ should intervene. I deplore state interference in people’s lives and abhor, with a passion, PC in all its manifestations. Personally I could care less about an individual’s sexuality. Everyone is entitled to a sexual outlet and I truly believe that we have little choice in our sexual orientation. In the same way we have no control over the colour of our eyes. My eyes are blue and I like women, by the way.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    The Libertarian Alliance’s blog reproduced this post and there were a couple of pertinent comments:

    1) The homosexual angle is irrelevant – it does not matter if a person will not work for homosexuals, or for blond haired people, or for fat middle aged people (such as ME) from the English East Midlands. The question here is the same – does the government have the right to FORCE some people to work for other people (to bake them cakes, to take photographs for them – whatever-it-is).

    Forced labour (working for someone under the threat of punishment if one does not) is SLAVERY – and it remains SLAVERY whether it is called “common carriers”, “public accommodations” (the tap dance of the Late Roman Empire when despotic Emperors broke down private property by declaring that a private business was “open to the public” and, therefore, was a “public matter” – with “public” meaning GOVERNMENT) or “anti discrimination” doctrine.

    The principle of jurisprudence that holds that a private business is a “public matter” (public meaning state) because it is “open to the public” is wrong – flat wrong. It leads to slavery.

    2) Freedom of contract – that’s all it is (or isn’t in this case).


    Nobody cared about a person’s sexuality a decade ago and more until it started being shoved in our face at every opportunity, but homosexuals, like Muslims and others, are just being used to change the culture: ideological subversion.

    I disagree about choice in sexual orientation. Straights apparently become homosexuals and vice versa. Our top militant homosexual of over 40 years, Peter Tatchell, says that it’s a choice – and to be glad of it….!

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