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Forvik Invaded. Giant Scottish Flag Appears on Cliff.

Where? You’re probably asking. Forvik is a tiny island in the Shetlands which the owner, Stuart Hill, has declared to be a sovereign state based on the evidence that the Shetlands were never legally part of Scotland and hence the … Continue reading

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Why the ‘Nanny State’ Had to Turn Nasty

Today’s post from Frank Davis is about how the “nanny state” is a misnomer; it should be the “bully state” and… If anything it’s really a technological, eugenicist state, engaged in a vast social engineering project. The goal is to … Continue reading


Political Correctness Was ‘Invented In Nazi Germany’ and How They Made the Most out of Socialised ‘Healthcare’

This is a bit of a ramble through some of the important beliefs it is important to our ‘masters’ that we swallow and where those ideas came from and the damage they can and are doing. Ever wonder why our … Continue reading


DRIP and Tricks of the Political Trade

The real reason for the drastic Government reshuffle, according to many commentators, is to deflect our attention from the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill which has been rushed through the Commons after the European Court of Justice decided … Continue reading

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For the Children… and the Adults

Leg-iron tells us that Theresa May has announced that there is going to be an investigation into paedophilia, not just in Westminster, To placate the masses, they are also going to investigate the NHS, the BBC and the Church (just … Continue reading

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Westminster Paedophile Ring: Now the Death Threats Start?

I was wondering about the current MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, who is taking a leading role in the attempted paedophile investigations in Westminster – as his seat was held by pervert Cyril Smith from 1972 to 1992. He recently appeared before … Continue reading


What People Really Care About

When I post or share serious issues on Facebook, I might get half a dozen ‘likes’ and one or two comments. For a change, I shared this quiz three days ago and as you can see, have dozens of ‘likes’ … Continue reading


Are These Flatshare Adverts ‘Racist’?

The BBC has discovered various ads, mainly in shop windows, where people looking for flatmates state a preference for someone of a particular nationality, religion, gender or ‘sexuality': Flat adverts that may be breaking the law. The piece reminds us … Continue reading