DRIP and Tricks of the Political Trade

The real reason for the drastic Government reshuffle, according to many commentators, is to deflect our attention from the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill which has been rushed through the Commons after the European Court of Justice decided the current measures were ‘illegal’. But according to The Freedom Association:

With the Snoopers’ Charter already having been widely rejected by the public and parliamentarians – the DRIP Bill looks far too similar. While the Home Secretary has claimed this is “merely status quo” legislation – a short glance at it clearly shows that it will grant the security services and police carte blanche access to the emails, telephone calls, texts and internet usage of all UK citizens at home and abroad.

Hat-tip to Leg-iron, who writes,

It’s how stage magic works. While you watch the fancy moves of the left hand, you don’t notice the casual slip of the right hand into a pocket.

It’s like that lesser-used trick made famous by Labour ‘spin doctor’ Jo Moore, “A good day to bury bad news” while thousands had just been killed on 9/11.

Miss Moore’s memo, written at 2.55pm on September 11, when millions of people were transfixed by the terrible television images of the terrorist attack, said: “It is now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury. Councillors expenses?

The first shock is that she’s not a ‘Ms’. The second shock is that such a callous, heartless female was not put on one of those all-women MP shortlists.

But – and this is my point – the U.S. security services were passed intelligence from various governments’ security services about an imminent attack pre-9/11 and ignored them (I wonder why!).

Secondly, if it’s the paedophilia they’re concerned about re. the need for data retention – it seems endemic in Westminster, the judiciary and the upper echelons of the police and is well known about (among themselves and by MI5), but gets covered up.

No. The data retention is for us. If not for now, for the future. Not for terrorists or paedos, but to intercept anti-government talk and catch manmade climate change ‘deniers’, etc. and probably for other reasons, like sifting ‘chatter’ for evidence of tax evasion and benefit fraud.

Re. Jo Moore’s comment in 2001:

But around Westminster, where there was shock and distaste at her cynicism, it was thought that she would have to go.

Sure. You can imagine the ‘shock’ among the heartless and the brain dead in Westminster, can’t you? I can picture them laughing their heads off while they down another subsidised G&T.

The Rev David Smith, whose cousin died in the attack, told the BBC that Miss Moore’s attempt to exploit the tragedy represented the very worst in modern politics.

Now that IS funny. Considering New Labour had recently won their second general election and routinely dumped on us all for years.

But the thought occurs that all this paedomania has been engineered, not only as a sleight of hand to distract us from what the right hand is doing (or the other left hand), but to bring in more surveillance. It could be why, decades later, hundreds of women (and a few blokes) have appeared as if by magic to accuse all manner of people – the living who have mainly managed to defend themselves and been found ‘not guilty’ and the dead Jimmy Savile, where the claims of his alleged abuses are being systematically exposed as fabrications by Anna Raccoon as Savile routinely seems not to have been at the hospitals at the periods in question or he was not left unaccompanied at all when the ‘victims’ were subjected to his hand up their blouse, etc.

So what we need is more surveillance. More intrusion. Scotland’s “Named Person” police state nannyism.

Another famous trick that the best illusionists can do is to make an elephant disappear. That’s why so many people fail to see the elephant in the room.

Or rather, the herd of elephants…

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