For the Children… and the Adults

Leg-iron tells us that Theresa May has announced that there is going to be an investigation into paedophilia, not just in Westminster,

To placate the masses, they are also going to investigate the NHS, the BBC and the Church (just the one religion, naturally) where they will find plenty of big name scapegoats to take the drones’ attention away from them.

It’s what they do. Like creating new Acts containing a variety of themes and hoping nobody notices the really intrusive or offensive part.

So yes, I’m sure this insider “enquiry” will find a few NHS doctors who have groped children and some more dead or aging weirdos employed by the BBC and some nonces-in-frocks in “the Church”.

Oh and of course they’ll go back a few decades and find evidence against dead MPs and metaphorically exhume a few corpses for a show trial because it used to happen, but there’s no evidence of it now – while they frantically worry that their heinous secrets will finally be revealed.

With Leon Brittan threatened with death by some, you can be absolutely sure that the truth is so explosive it will be kept covered up.

You have to wonder what it is that makes so many politicians so keen to destroy our culture, laws, freedoms and independence. Have they been filmed having sex with children? You can bet some of them have, which is the reason they’ll do anything and everything to destroy our country to order because they know they will be exposed and/or found dead in a bizarre, sexually-depraved situation.

Meanwhile, Frank Davis discusses VGIF’s report about the story in the Edinburgh Evening News about a campaign to make shopkeepers keep their high-caffeine energy drinks hidden,

Pupils are set to be turned away from tills and the addictive drinks removed completely from general display, with sales assistants fetching individual cans from back rooms for adult customers.

Harley in the comments finds a comical connection. BBQ for Cancer Research UK:

Host a BBQ on the big weekend of 19th – 20th July, invite your friends to donate to attend and cook up some cash to help beat cancer sooner.

Charcoal or gas, rain or shine, join in this July as gardens, parks, and rooftops across the land turn up the heat on cancer.

Then he suggests, Someone ought to tell them that BBQ’s ’cause’ cancer!

Barbecues poison the air with toxins and could cause cancer, research suggests.

A study by the French environmental campaigning group Robin des Bois found that a typical two-hour barbecue can release the same level of dioxins as up to 220,000 cigarettes.

Dioxins are a group of chemicals known to increase the likelihood of cancer.

The figures were based on grilling four large steaks, four turkey cuts and eight large sausages.

As if that wasn’t bad enough,

The French food safety agency is also undertaking research into the possible cancer-causing effect of carbonising food during the barbecuing process.

They have found that some hydrocarbons which have been linked to cancer are incorporated into the food.

Desmond Hammerton, a retired professor of Marine Biology, is campaigning to raise awareness of the problem.

He called for warnings to be included on barbecue equipment.

Would that include gross images of tumours (which could have had many causes) and dead bodies (actually, actors pretending to be dead)?

And now, something – for the adults. Again, courtesy of Frank, house wine served in bars and pubs won’t be allowed to be any stronger than 12½%. This Government plan is to ‘curb binge drinking’.

This great idea is part of a package to decrease the amount of alcohol drunk in Britain by a billion units a year.

Which equates to about one bottle of 14% ABV wine per adult every six months.

It is such a tiny amount, it will doubtless be part of a continued attack on anyone who dares to continue to drink and will follow the Tobacco Control template.

But for a change, it’s not for the cheeeldren, but for the adults, who are becoming more infantilised with every passing day, so that soon, only size will tell them apart.

With the constant fuss over obesity (in fact, anyone remotely round of tummy), children of all ages will be nannied into anorexia, although I can’t see our government going as far as Dubai’s and giving fat children gold to lose weight.

Individual entries will get 1g of gold for each kilo lost, but with the focus on families, each participating family will win 2g of gold for every kilo lost by an active member. Families can participate with kids up to the age of 13.

As Gordon Brown developed an undiagnosed addiction to selling off our gold at the lowest possible prices, we could probably stretch to rolling out the scheme to a couple of primary schools, as long as the children aren’t too chubby.

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