Forvik Invaded. Giant Scottish Flag Appears on Cliff.

Where? You’re probably asking. Forvik is a tiny island in the Shetlands which the owner, Stuart Hill, has declared to be a sovereign state based on the evidence that the Shetlands were never legally part of Scotland and hence the UK.

I believe that Westminster and Edinburgh governments have ignored his correspondence, but the local council admits that he may be onto something. He wants independence for all the Shetland Islands.

He left the island recently and when he returned, a giant saltire had been draped over a cliff. Being in the trade, I can tell you that getting a flag made that size would have cost a fortune, although on closer inspection it looks like a homemade job perhaps using plastic sheeting.

Scottish flag on Forvik, Shetland IslandsScotland flag on Forvik, Shetland IslandsMr Hill also received a “purported Scottish government letter”:

Forvik letter
Who knows if this was an act purely by cranks (local or otherwise) or if there was any official involvement?

What is for sure is that there seems to be a genuine case for Shetland independence as it appears it may never have been part of Scotland and Mr Hill is obviously a thorn in the Establishment’s side.

In 1469 King Christian I of Denmark/Norway pawned the Shetlands to James III of Scotland to raise money for his daughter’s dowry and if Mr Hill is correct that, as Wikipedia puts it, as the loan was never repaid and no other legal agreement ever put in place, Shetland remains in a constitutional limbo.

With all that oil, the 23,000 Islanders would have much to gain if the constitutional truth is that the Shetlands never were part of Scotland to begin with.

That would be a real spanner in the works of the ‘Yes’ camp’s financial calculations.

We have already seen what Salmond’s limited junta is capable of doing. Down here in Galloway, they overrule our councillors who say, “No more wind farms” but are routinely ignored and are thus further endangering our tourist industry with even more of these monstrosities.

They have allowed a UN land grab down here in the form of a UNESCO biosphere, which covers one fifteenth of Scotland. This is the ‘first’ of such biospheres. Another two of the same size would result in the UN dictating the rules in a fifth of Scotland.

And the EU will make most of the rest of the rules, so they should have planted the EU flag on Forvik. All that this indepretendence would achieve is direct rule from Brussels.

The joke ‘consultation’ on same-sex ‘marriage’ resulted in it being rejected by almost two-thirds of respondents, but the cultural subverters posing as patriots had already decided it was going to be policy. Former KGB subverter, Yuri Bezmenov, admitted that they would spread ‘equality’ in the West so that we build our society on sand for it to collapse to be taken over.

Fabian socialism works along similar lines and has been adopted by all the mainstream UK parties, except UKIP (and they’ve bought into some of it).

I reckon that these so-called Scottish patriots in Edinburgh are the most PC-obsessed, EU-loving, green-god-worshipping politicians in Europe and hence the most anti-Scottish of people and have no right to even look on the saltire without thinking of their treason. But most of them are too stupid to work it all out. Salmond knows the Game Plan, of course. Was there ever a wolf in sheep’s clothing of his ilk since Judas Iscariot?

Even the colour of the St Andrew’s Cross has been changed by a previous ‘government’ or ‘executive’ from a proper blue (of no official shade) to this horrible, almost-turquoise blue. I expect it will slowly turn green to reflect the SNP’s worship of the environment.

I was thinking of not voting in the referendum because either way, we’ll be ruled from Brussels, but this has inclined me to vote ‘No’. Imagine what an unfettered SNP Government could be capable of.

I don’t know why thousands of people aren’t doing what Stuart Hill is doing because we have absolutely no political representation in any parliament. We are dictated to; spoken at; forced to comply with every jot and tittle of bilge that comes via Edinburgh, Westminster, Brussels and Geneva.

The UK Government has held several referenda in Gibraltar to ensure that the 30,000 residents have self-determination. I remember self-determination being said repeatedly on television during the 1982 Falklands War, for the then 2,000 Islanders to decide where their destiny lay and the UK was quick to recognise Kosovo as a sovereign state, despite it being an integral part of Serbia.

As usual, different ‘standards’ depending on circumstances. Naturally, self-determination for the Shetland Islanders will be one of the very last things Edinburgh will want.

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