What People Really Care About

facebook-quiz2When I post or share serious issues on Facebook, I might get half a dozen ‘likes’ and one or two comments. For a change, I shared this quiz three days ago and as you can see, have dozens of ‘likes’ and 871 comments.

Unheard of in my Facebooking history.

Now that I know what’s important to people, I can forget about wasting my time, in my own small way, trying to rescue this country from the ashes and concentrate on meaningless quizzes.

In fact, I think I will turn this blog into an entertainment centre with the latest pop videos, celeb. ‘news’, sports results service, recipes for oozy, dreamy desserts and links to money-off codes for the latest gadgets.

Let’s fiddle while Rome burns.

Who cares, you squares?

Right, now. For this to work, I need to brush up on popular ‘culture’ from the past twenty years.

Tune in for World Cup semi final news and views later in the week, where there will be a special World Cup quiz and a recipe for a dessert using Brazil nuts.

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2 Responses to What People Really Care About

  1. Rhona North says:

    Exactly how I feel Stewart, v well said!

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I didn’t get around to it in the end. I’m not a fan of brazil nuts, so I would have copied and pasted a recipe for brazil nut toffee, which is the only nice thing you can do with these peculiar things IMO. I would never have predicted the German win (obviously).

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