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A Message for Alex Salmond

(For “company” sing “SNP”.) I’m part of the Union for the time being. The end credits are in German to remind us that we are still part of that other Union – one which most people really don’t want to … Continue reading

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Scottish ‘Independence’ or The EU Knighted Kingdom?

Unless you have spent the past couple of years in Fingal’s Cave, you will know that today could herald the beginning of the end of over 300 years of this United Kingdom and make Alex Salmond an unlikely modern-day William … Continue reading

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As New Poll Puts ‘Yes’ Camp Ahead, Do Scots Know What is at Stake?

I haven’t written very much at all about the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum, because, like Frank Davis, I assumed that the ‘No’ votes would overwhelm the ‘Yes’, but… Shock Poll: ‘Yes’ Camp Takes Lead in Scottish Independence Referendum. After the undecideds … Continue reading