A Message for Alex Salmond

(For “company” sing “SNP”.)

I’m part of the Union for the time being. The end credits are in German to remind us that we are still part of that other Union – one which most people really don’t want to be in, but we never get a referendum.

So, now we can all relax north of the border. Everything will be just fine, like all the ‘No’ literature said. Pensions are safe [like they could be any lower]. Schools are safe [indoctrination is safe]. The pound is safe [snigger]. The NHS is safe [raucous laughter].

Together, we can once again make a quarter of the globe pink. Actually, the UK Government has been helping to make the whole world pink.

When I say I’m “part of the Union” it’s because there was no choice this time. A perpetually socialist Scotland, currently led by a chubby tinpot dictator who routinely ignores the wishes of the people, wants ruled from Brussels and seems to have a bigger fetish for unlimited immigration than Blair meant there was no choice.

Not that the UK run by traitors and dictated to by the EU and UN is anything to get excited about either, but it gives us the chance to defeat the tyranny together. Maybe, in the future, when the World is a safer place (e.g. when the European Union and Council of Europe have collapsed under the weight of their own legislation, deceit and fraud) Scottish people, myself included, might find that the time is right for the constituent parts of the UK to become truly independent, but to keep a Union alive by way of a ‘special relationship’.

Long before that happens, I may be departing the UK. Plans are being drawn for various options for MY future and one of those is to leave the double tyranny of Salmond’s Scotland and the LibLabCon’s UK to move overseas.

If so many Scots want to be nannied to death by socialist governments, why don’t they start interviewing the various contenders for a Scottish monarch: members of the House of Stuart, like the Duchess of Alba? At least that way, we might get benevolent kings and queens who actually care, like a real nanny, unlike the Marxist-Leninist ‘nanny’ whose ‘care’ and ‘concern’ are only Trojan horses to fill our lives with control and fear.

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