As New Poll Puts ‘Yes’ Camp Ahead, Do Scots Know What is at Stake?

Alex Salmond leading pollsI haven’t written very much at all about the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum, because, like Frank Davis, I assumed that the ‘No’ votes would overwhelm the ‘Yes’, but…

Shock Poll: ‘Yes’ Camp Takes Lead in Scottish Independence Referendum.

After the undecideds have been removed from the equation, the YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, gives the yes campaign a lead of 51 percent to 49.

A ‘Yes’ vote would be just as planned. To break up the UK would be a serious victory for the global strategists in these times of coercing every country to abide by the same rules. Of course, at Westminster, they’ve been generally complying anyway, but with UKIP’s rise there’s at least the hope now that the damage can be reversed.

Not for an ‘independent’ Scotland, though. We have a very rich country here which could easily thrive with ‘normal’ people running things, but socialists (globalist puppets) would always be in charge and they subjugate and impoverish people.

We already know that the SNP ignores us (overturning wind farm planning permission refusals; ignoring their consultation on same-sex ‘marriage’) and wants to control us tightly, like the ‘named person’ for every child and the 50p per unit minimum price of alcohol.

They are also the ultimate watermelons: they propose that Scotland will be 100% powered by renewables by 2020. I’m sure they will participate fully in Agenda 21, if the decision to allow a eugenicist conference in the Scottish Parliament is anything to go by,

The radical group [Optimum Population Trust – now known as Population Matters] is urging First Minister Alex Salmond to launch a Government campaign to curb family size, using the slogan “two’s plenty”.

OPT is calling for Scotland’s population to be cut by a quarter.

I believe that they are likely to give in to such ideas – even a one-child policy. We know that Salmond would like half the World to live here, hence anyone from the EU, apart from England, Wales and N. Ireland, can already study here free. Scotland would soon become unrecognisable. Limiting family size would help his plans for mass immigration – indeed, it would be necessary to bring in younger people from abroad to do the work to pay the taxes to support the retired.

Scotland doesn’t have the same quality of dissenting voices as England does. I expect with indepretendence we would be up to our necks with socialism from alternate SNP and Labour governments obeying every command from the leftist EU, Council of Europe, UN agencies, climate change conferences, etc.

Scotland could be rich, like Norway and Switzerland, but I’m sure we would end up like an impoverished Soviet satellite state. I think it’s the wrong time and definitely the wrong people who will be ‘leading’ us.

The Darien scheme and much more recently, New Labour’s ‘Scottish Mafia’, show that we just haven’t had sufficiently intelligent people involved in politics in Scotland for centuries. If that ever changes and genuine independence is on offer then – and only then – would it be worth considering.

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  1. Frank Davis says:

    The Darien scheme and much more recently, New Labour’s ‘Scottish Mafia’, show that we just haven’t had sufficiently intelligent people involved in politics in Scotland for centuries.

    What about the Scottish Enlightenment circa 1720 which had David Hume and Adam Smith and a few other illustrious figures adopting the English language and outdoing the English in writing it? And from my English perspective, I always used to think that the Scottish received a better education than we did. But then, that was 40 years ago…

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    We had an Enlightenment? Yet the people are in the dark. Certainly, we’ve had very intelligent people – probably more inventions per capita than any other country, but politicians? No!

    They used to say that the Scottish education system was superior to the English one and mine possibly was in the 60s and 70s. Not sure about the present status.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    I was being ironical, but it’s humanism. That’s why I said people are in the dark and they really are. Innovations by believers predate the “Enlightenment” and many Christians made major contributions throughout the Enlightenment. Knowledge of science was growing exponentially anyway (or in spite of) the Enlightenment.

    I see that James Hutton is mentioned. Famous for his uniformitarian theory that made the belief in long ages possible and thus made feasible the Theory of Evolution (until later discoveries nullified the Theory, IMO), even though Hutton’s philosophy that the present is the key to the past is demonstrably non-scientific.

  4. George H says:

    The real question Scottish people should ask is: Independent of what?

    Unfortunately, like most of the world’s people, a vast majority of Scots are blind to the perception-deception of their political leaders. They are unaware of the “bigger picture” that we live in an authoritarian plutocracy world run for the sake of a small clique of mega-rich and powerful global internationalists. Politicians such as Alex Salmond or David Cameron and their like are but paid system server drones for these global internationalist elites.

    I can only hope enough Scottish people proposing to vote (or not) on their Independence Referendum know the real agenda of the global elite and their system server authorities.

    Do you want or not your own Scottish:
    *Banking system (divorced from the bank of England and other private global banking cartels?)
    *National Health Service (private insurance or public purse?)
    *Education system (social engineered or politically corrected?)
    *Radio and TV broadcasting (a state owned TV channel or pay England to receive BBC?)
    *Military (included your own nuclear deterrent and military intelligence?)
    *Monarchy (or republic?)
    *Law & Order ( or EU and UN legislation and control?)
    *Borders (closed or open to England and Northern Ireland?)
    *Border Controls (what immigration policy, customs and excise and trade tariffs?)
    *Foreign Affairs (create Scottish consulates and embassies abroad? Perhaps a Scottish embassy in London?)

    By all means vote “Yes” for nationalist Scottish pride or vote “No” for liberal ideologue: Alex Salmond’s pathetic Scottish Independence Referendum is about that only.

    Have SNP or any other party politicians given any real information what Scottish Independence should be? Of course not. The agenda is global slavery; and this sham referendum is but another divide and rule tactic creating problems that will be solved by giving Scots no more devolution privileges and less freedoms.

    I ask again: Scotland independent of what?

    • Stewart Cowan says:

      You would get a look of total bewilderment by introducing almost all Scots to these ideas. That’s why at election time, it’s always, a) schools, b) the NHS and c) crime which all the main parties focus on. I imagine that most politicians are too clueless to understand the real agenda, apart from the likes of Cameron and Salmond, who, like you say, are accomplices to the globalist cabal.

      If I had had the time I would have posted more about some of the things you have written about. Few of ‘our’ major companies appear to be Scottish-owned. Of about eight alcoholic drinks/companies I explored, all were owned by non-Scots, including ‘our’ two biggest brewers. Scottish Power is owned by the Spanish. The Bank of Scotland is owned by Lloyds as is Scottish Widows. ‘Our’ top three selling ‘news’papers are owned by the Sun and Mirror. And so on. Much of our land is foreign-owned and all of it effectively ruled by the EU and UN.

      I believe that Labour introduced devolution deliberately as the first step towards a formal break-up of the UK. Next: Welsh ‘independence’ and a reunited Ireland.

      But it won’t matter because nobody will be independent. Scottish indepretendence is a dangerous vanity project, but most people are ignorant of how the world works, but I’m sure they’ll very quickly start to wonder, if it becomes a reality, why their lives are worse.

      • George H says:

        Saying Scots that are introduced to my ideas would give me looks of total bewilderment is too kind; ‘indoctrinated response’ of bewilderment is more likely. I don’t mean to be disparaging to you Scots, but please consider the mainstream media do covertly shape our thoughts.

        Don’t let any presented information do the thinking for you. Think for yourself.

        Are you not bewildered by the complex, and often manipulating (indoctrinating), political arguments and information from all sides about the Scottish Independence question? If not then the information is understood and becomes simple inner ‘knowing’ not complex outer ‘believing’.

  5. George H says:

    Three masonic monks from a Highland SNP clan branch visited the Pàrlamaid na h-Alba chambers at Holyrood in Edinburgh to conduct a Gaelic Home-Rule ceremony that is traditionally held to bless and bring good luck to Scottish independence ventures.

    The ceremony involved the lighting of candles and joss sticks at an altar with the masonic monks sitting higher than the Lib-lab-Con protagonists. The monks recited three sets of chants from an ancient Gaelic text of Och Aye D’Noo that invited the Loch Ness spirits of the sacred High Road to the ceremony, sought Sasanach’s blessing, and provided an offering to the Scottish Lord Lyon King ancestors.

    During the ritual the SNP clans, led by head monk McSalmond-the-Alex, poured water into a small bowl and were instructed to ‘think only good thoughts.’ The head monk then blessed the holy Och Aye “Yes” symbol of the Independence Venture with splashes of holy water and made markings known as sporran-tartan above the main chamber window to ward off evil and bestow luck upon all of the SNP clans.

    In keeping with the ceremony’s tradition, offerings of “No” votes were made to the monks, who stated that this holds and keeps ‘the Pàrlamaid Lib-lab-Con protagonists as very disrespectful Scots.

    One thing to note about what goes on at Pàrlamaid Home-Rule ceremonies is that it is very culturally-specific. By that I mean that there is a lot of praying and bowing for “Yes” votes and it is externally very patriarchal. You could say that nothing is more “Scottish” than the Gaelic Home-Rule Tradition and there are a lot practises that are done for no obvious reason, which Westminster politicians in particular generally have difficulty in accepting. This tradition puts unusual stress on obeying the letter of the Gaelic masonic code, which leads to lots of practises that many will find frustrating. For example, things can`t simply be self-governed even if they are obviously meant for the SNP monks, but must be ”offered”, which means they must be touched by a layperson who hands it over to the monk with intention of giving it to him and the last person touching the object must be the monk. If something is touched by a layperson, the object becomes “unoffered” and it must be re-offered. What good is all this? McSalmond-the-Alex was once asked why there was so much bowing for independence “Yes” votes at his SNP temples. “If you cannot bend your body, then how can you bend your mind?” This is really central to the style of SNP masonic ‘practise – this idea of ‘Scottish Independence’ or ‘letting go of Sasanachs’. You will encounter many things in the temple which the mind won`t like, will argue against but you just have to observe it and let it go.

    Opportunities to hear excellent Independence Referendum talks from the many visiting SNP masonic monks, where the lineage`s central philosophy of “letting go of Sasanachs” and not giving the “mind” what it wants all the time is repeatedly stressed. What’s nice about this tradition is that it’s teachings are so down-to-earth. As well as ‘letting go’, the importance of learning from every SNP political situation, of gratitude and of compassion are also well-expounded.

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