The End of the ‘Progressive’ Era?

Another day and another fascinating post for discussion from Frank Davis, who writes about the “The End of the Progressive Era” as more people wake up to the lunacy of it after the slippery slopes seem to be never-ending: secondhand smoke and global warming alarmism, ever closer European union, immigration and ‘gay rights’.

He cites other examples of “creeping madness” such as “how one measure of health – longevity – has been gradually amplified to become the sole measure of health” and the proliferation of road signs and markings.

Regular contributor, harleyrider1978, has nailed two issues. The first I hadn’t thought of, but the people have been infantilised to the nth degree via ‘education’ and the media. As has been said a zillion times, children have been taught what to think and not how to think. Television has the added disadvantage of being hypnotic. It is the only way I can think of that so many people have believed so many lies in such a short period of time: mass mind control.

And I was one of them until 2001 when I started ‘waking up’ to the unreality of ‘reality’.

Although I had a splendid education (starting in 1968) – compared with today – it was still, I think, very much modelled around the ‘what to think’ process. Had ‘manmade climate change’ or Stonewall been around, we would have been exposed to the DVDs which were sent to every secondary school in later decades; in this case, “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Fit” from Stonewall.

Incidentally, it took just one parent to take the Government to court over Gore’s lies and he won. Stewart Dimmock didn’t get the outright ban he wanted, but each showing has to be “accompanied by new guidance notes to balance Mr Gore’s partisan views”. It shows what one person can do when they have a sound argument and come up against a sensible judge.

The other concept Harley introduced was God. Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell famously stated, “We don’t do God,” despite Blair’s claims of being a staunch Christian. Blair also claimed there were WMDs in Iraq. But the problem today is that, as more people and more institutions “don’t do God” then moral relativism replaces absolutes and so there is no conceivable bottom to these slippery slopes because there are no boundaries and together with the mind control surrounding ‘equality’, the moral decline is set to continue.

Same with the mind control about the environment, plus not doing God and what we have is a great many people accepting the propaganda and the legislation, even the huge greenhouse gas emission cuts agreed which will kill our industry and old and poor people. But despite there being no global warming for 18 years (does the mainstream ever mention this other than Mr Delingpole?) half the zombies in the West still believe the Doomsday scenarios. They believe, like Ted Turner in yesterday’s video clip, that there is too much CO2 because there are too many people and because they maybe “don’t do God” they see no special place for man in creation, so without believing in absolutes in morality, humans can be safely disposed of to save all the species allegedly threatened with extinction.

Another factor is fear. It is expedient for our masters to keep us all living in fear. When I was growing up, nuclear war was the biggie. When that subsided, the “War on Terror” was developed and a handful of multi-location attacks engineered to frighten us into believing they were going to be regular events unless we were all considered to be potential terrorists and appropriate ‘police state’ legislation enacted for our ‘safety’, but now we constantly read about “another al Qaeda plot exposed” before it’s too late. Phew!

Nowadays, the fearmongering has just become silly, probably due to the hypnotic TV again (And fake ‘Truthers’ like Alex “CIA” Jones!). People are scared of totally non-existent threats because they have been dumbed down to believe anything and all too often have no faith to put into perspective man’s special place on this planet and faith also aids in reducing worry, as well as engendering hope and being mindful of each other and understanding that there is something bigger than government. I often quote Lenin, but he does give the socialist game away just as Albert Pike exposes the real purpose of Freemasonry.

Lenin said that, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism,” and it’s exactly the same for the creeping total socialist takeover we are being subjected to through the UN, EU, etc.

One of my favourite verses from scripture is 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

One of our masters’ greatest tools, divide and conquer, involves fear and loathing, not love, so naturally, people must be ‘protected’ from the “bigotry” of Christianity, by legislation if necessary, as we increasingly see, but the real reasons are the opposite to the ones given.

We read cases like the baker in Colorado who has been ordered against his beliefs and conscience to bake cakes for ‘gay weddings’ (he will be monitored!) and has been told to attend reeducation lessons.

‘Progressive’ just means getting rid of what gels communities and countries together to replace it all with moral relativism (and thereby introduce any new legislation the government/EU/UN deems appropriate) and to induce fear after fear, reduce loyalty to one’s country, create division and hatred (including within families) and extinguish hope so that all eyes look to the powers that be for all the answers, which are, naturally, the wrong answers.

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