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Golf, Urbanisation, GMO, Women’s Rights and Depopulation

In an age of bans and many other losses of freedoms – first, the good news. I have just been reading about golf on Wikipedia, The modern game originated in Scotland, where the first written record of golf is James … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath to Climb the Political or Corporate Ladder, But It Helps

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to write. Today he concentrates on the draconian legislation about to hit China’s 300 million smokers – they did ratify the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005 – and about the Russian smoking … Continue reading


Could the Labour and Tory Identity Crises Let in UKIP?

Today, Frank Davis points to the YouGov poll which shows UKIP more popular than Labour: CON: 38% UKIP: 28% LAB: 25% LIB-DEM: Missing, presumed dead. Frank says, I think all the mainstream political parties are facing identity crises. There’s very … Continue reading

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Explaining UKIP’s Popularity

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to put fingers to keyboard, this time with his post about UKIP being a “state of mind“. When David Cameron begs Labour, LibDem and Green supporters in Rochester and Strood to vote Tory to … Continue reading

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The Future?

If you were going to write a novel about what life will be like in the future, what form would it take? Leg-iron is writing a dystopic novel called “Panoptica”. From time to time he complains that real life keeps … Continue reading


Did the Nazis Really Lose the War?

Today, Frank Davis writes about tobacco control in Nazi Germany and how it is considered to have been far more complex than the bans and other measures we have today – perhaps to muddy the waters because Tobacco Control is … Continue reading

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Drinking While Pregnant Could Become a Criminal Offence

What isn’t (or isn’t going to be), I am starting to wonder? From one of Dick Puddlecote’s posts last week, DUP MP Ian Paisley quite rightly ripped into incompetent former health minister Anna Soubry over the loss of 900 jobs … Continue reading


Ban the Burka? Why Not Concentrate on What is Important Instead?

Yet again I tune into Facebook and it is filled with links to Muslim stories. The first two posts from different “friends” were a ban-the-burka article, this time from Australia, and the other about a Muslim in the UK, who … Continue reading

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Ex-‘Gay’ Man: ‘Homosexuality is Just Another Human Brokenness’

I found this story to be of considerable interest. Dean Bailey, 50, like many other people, is proof that ‘sexual orientation’ is not a fixed trait, but can be changed. But he prefers to use the word ‘restored’ rather than ‘changed’. … Continue reading

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