Did the Nazis Really Lose the War?

Today, Frank Davis writes about tobacco control in Nazi Germany and how it is considered to have been far more complex than the bans and other measures we have today – perhaps to muddy the waters because Tobacco Control is worried about the comparison with the Third Reich.

Frank also reminds us that the Nazis introduced the concept of “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen).

In many ways, Nazi antismoking methodology and policies became the models for the post-war era. Doll and Hill’s two post-war studies used the same questionnaire-based methodology as the Nazis. And the Nazi notion of “passive smoking” was also subsequently revived. And Nazi-style smoking bans in public places were introduced.

Also, today’s anti-smoking laws are generally far more authoritarian than the Nazi versions.

But Frank also believes that,

It may be truthfully said that, while Nazi Germany was defeated long ago, and Nazi racial theory consigned to the garbage dump of history, Nazi antismoking ideology and methodologies and policies now flourish in the 21st century…

Many people now wonder if it was defeated.

Firstly, US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 was written in November 1944 and describes top German industrialists meeting to decide the future of their country when it looked like they would lose the War, and that the “Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire – but not just German”.

Not that it would necessarily be Nazi (national socialist), but socialist the EU certainly is. Socialist, unaccountable and financially crooked.

Secondly, eugenics is alive and ‘well’ in the West. In the UK, Marie Stopes pioneered “family planning”. As I’ve said before, she doted on Hitler, even sending him poetry and locating her “clinics” in mainly poorer areas. She was so obsessed with selective breeding to produce the “master race” that she cut out her son from her will because he married a short-sighted woman.

Today, Marie Stopes “clinics” are among the main contraception and abortion “providers” here. Their directors, like the other main “provider”, BPAS, have been government advisors on reducing teenage pregnancy. They keep advising younger ages for starting to “educate” children about sex because they know it will make the situation worse and keep increasing their customer base, in my opinion.

And in GB, “doctors” can kill unborn babies suspected of having a disability right up to the point of birth (nine out of ten babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are aborted). Before starting on the Jews, Gypsies and others, the Nazis gassed tens of thousands of mentally and physically disabled people in their hospitals.

The overpopulation panic also seems to have begun in Germany. Lebensraum (literally “living space”) pre-dates the Third Reich, but Hitler’s expansion plans to the east, for example, were to displace “inferior” peoples, like the Slavs, and populate these areas with Germans.

These days many people believe in overpopulation, despite projections that the global population will even out and despite the birth rates in many Western countries, Japan and Korea becoming dangerously low and resulting in population decline and probable catastrophic social problems in decades to come.

One of the main differences between the Third Reich and Western governments today – and this is not an endorsement! – is that the Nazis put the German people first, whereas today, the natives are generally treated as second-class citizens for divide and rule/social engineering purposes to help bring down countries by diluting national identity and replacing it with a cosy internationalist outlook of peace and prosperity between peoples – reeling in the gullible with fishy false promises of a global Utopia.

So, the EU gets the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the mirage that supranational unions can produce peace and harmony.

Anyway, Lebensraum will be achieved through “sustainability” in the Utopia being constructed. It is anyone’s guess how it will be done. Perhaps a two-child maximum family size, more “assisted suicides” especially for those who don’t request it, i.e. assisted murder, like some of the victims of the Liverpool Care Pathway, but that game’s up, but it was probably a trial run. Or mass starvation – the land used to grow biofuels and left idle as investments could feed nearly a billion mouths. EU farmers are paid to not grow food and our fishermen, when not consigned to port, have to throw back tons of fish into the sea.

There are loads of ways to reduce the amount of available food. GM crops are perhaps the best bet. Monsanto et al can keep raising the price of seed and the number of people left to starve can be finely tuned, thus more Lebensraum.

In an article, How Monsanto Is Terrifying the Farming World, we get an idea of the callous disregard for people that Monsanto has,

Percy Schmeiser was a farmer. Shortly after the Monsanto company introduced genetically modified (GM) canola plants to Canada, Percy Schmeiser was a farmer facing a lawsuit.

After hearing that GM crops could potentially increase yields, three farmers in Schmeiser’s region planted fields of Monsanto’s seed. Winds pushed pollen from GM canola into Schmeiser’s fields, and the plants cross-pollinated. The breed he had been cultivating for 50 years was now contaminated by Monsanto’s GM canola.

Did Monsanto apologize? No. It sued Schmeiser for patent infringement — first charging the farmer per acre of contamination, then slapping him with another suit for $1 million and attempting to seize his land and farming equipment. After a seven-year battle, the Canadian Supreme Court eventually ruled against him but let him keep his farm and his $1 million. He was one of the lucky ones.

And of course, many scientists and others who worked for the Nazis were allowed to escape to the USA to work for the government.

I think that the future will make Hitler’s efforts look very small scale in comparison.

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