A Homosexual Tug of War


Tempers fray, people snap and the dangerous game to change society appears almost over.

I am going to concentrate on an article criticising a recent gathering of Christians in London who were discussing homosexuality, but first, the news that the same-sex “marriage” vote in Northern Ireland that I mentioned last week has resulted in rejection – for the fourth time.

It was mighty close, though, at 49 votes to 47, but I don’t doubt that any future vote by MLAs will produce the “required” result. Some issues just keep on going so that the World can become one big homogenised mess of moral relativism leading to confusion, depression and the ultimate collapse of our culture.

The Belfast Telegraph reports (complete with obligatory picture of “wedding” cake with two men),

DUP Assembly member Peter Weir said his party opposed same sex marriages.

“This is not a serious debate. Clearly this motion is an attack on the symbolism of marriage and the institution of marriage and an attempt to redefine marriage.

“My party believes, and I believe also, that marriage is between one man and one woman and once you redefine that you lose the essence of marriage itself.”

The piece continues with a quote from a Sinn Fein MLA. Note the typical abusive diatribe attacking people who think differently.

The motion was brought forward by Sinn Fein.

South Down MLA Catriona Ruane said they wanted to “drown out the bile” put forward by opponents of equal marriage.

She said: “Together we will build a society that includes and embraces.”

If you thought “The Troubles” were about religion, well, Sinn Fein don’t look like “good Catholics” do they? More like agents of subversion.

The other main Nationalist party is quoted coming out with similar mush, because people think with their emotions nowadays more than with the brains they were born with. Constant conditioning has made those particular organs fairly redundant, at least for the purpose of thinking. They now seem to exist primarily to control the body’s necessary functions.

Meanwhile, the SDLP’s Colm Eastwood said: “We need to be seen to be embracing all members of our community.

“There is no reason why the north of Ireland should be the only place on these islands that doesn’t have marriage available to same sex couples.”

See what I mean? Absolutely no proper reasoning. I expect Tony Blair thought it was a jolly good idea for UK forces to bomb Iraq to smithereens because the USA had decided it was a jolly good idea. Or a mighty fine idea.

Incidentally, I see that Amnesty has stuck its oar in. Remember when they used to fight for sensible issues that affected people terribly, like those facing death or being jailed and beaten for their beliefs? Now we learn that,

Northern Ireland is a discriminatory backwater for gay and lesbian people, a human rights organisation has claimed.

Amnesty International also warned that a legal challenge was likely if a proposal legalising same-sex marriage was rejected by the region’s devolved Assembly tomorrow.

Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty’s programme director, said: “Marriage should be available to same-sex couples in Northern Ireland, just as it is in Scotland, England and Wales and may soon be in the Republic of Ireland.

So, if we see people throwing themselves off a cliff, so should we. No need to reason.

Hold on! A legal challenge?

“If politicians again abdicate their responsibilities, once more it will be left to the courts to uphold the right of all citizens not to face discrimination.”

It reminds me of the title of that Clint Eastwood film, Any Which Way You Can.

Finally, onto the main subject of this post. One of Anna Raccoon’s recommended reads at the weekend was by Tchernookova Alice on “The News Hub” writing about the:

“hard–core Christian believers gathered at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster for a supposedly innocent and open debate around the “issue” of being gay, in spite of attempts by the LGBT community to have the event cancelled.”

What followed was an extremely unobjective piece which missed quite a few important aspects about the society we live in and the freedoms we expect.

Straight from the starting gates, we learn that the event had been targeted by LGBT groups for closure on the grounds that some people didn’t agree with the subject matter – people who, not so long ago, fought for all manner of “rights” they deemed they deserved but who now seek to deny others even the freedom of assembly.

Having made very good use of “human rights” legislation themselves (laws which, when you read between the lines give all rights to the State), these same groups would deny others entitlement to Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights:

Article 11 – Freedom of assembly and association

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Tchernookova Alice seemed aggrieved that “gay conversion therapy” even exists, as if to deny those with unwanted same-sex desire to be free to consult with some kind of specialist.

In fact, on both sides of the Atlantic, there have been significant moves to ban practitioners from offering such a service.

We would see more important rights disappearing. In this case property rights and freedom of association and assembly. It would leave the person who wants treatment and is prepared to pay for it to be denied it.

What has been happening, piecemeal, is the re-engineering of society to accept homosexual relationships as normal. I have never heard of a homosexual seeking help for unwanted opposite-sex attraction, therefore nobody can be allowed therapy if the situation is reversed?

“Equality” was never about everyone being equal, though.

Tchernookova Alice continues:

“Now, how can you not start feeling uncomfortable when you are told that Great Britain is “a heart-broken nation that needs to be redeemed,” or “a confused and hurting nation” in which reigns “absolute chaos,” and that “our ruling elite are a shame to Jesus Christ”?”

Everyone should feel very uncomfortable at the way the UK is going down the pan: economically, morally, spiritually, intellectually and every way.

In surveys, UK children are often found to be among the unhappiest in the Western world.

When she writes, “Hell knows why gay life should be “prohibited”,” she clearly does not appreciate what faith is, about sin and its consequences and about repentance and the hope of salvation.

She considered the speakers to be “a bunch of bigoted religious fanatics who refuse to see the world change and evolve and to question their principles, and who most of all, are afraid of the unknown.”

As I said, her piece was not at all objective. God is unchanging: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, therefore the fads of the day are to be resisted if they compete with sound doctrine.

As for refusing to see the world change and evolve, they see it clearly and they see the effects, hence their concern.

Who is afraid of the unknown? I would say it is Tchernookova Alice who seems afraid of just about everything she has written about here such as the people attending the debate and the subject matter (like therapies and opinions she either disapproves of or does not understand).

She also totally fails to grasp the concept behind this phrase used at the meeting, “unresolved identification with your own gender,” concerning Andrew Comiskey who was helped to overcome his same-sex desire (by “an army of morons” we are told).

The remainder of the article is more failure to grasp what the debate was about, as various speakers offered their expertise and opinions.

Tchernookova Alice wonders why conversion therapies exist in the first place.

Because people ask for them: supply and demand.

She did make me almost smile when she wrote, “But these people don’t seem prepared to compromise on the topic,” without even a hint of irony.

She writes, “Teaching about equality and tolerance is apparently “propaganda” though, not education, in her [Lisa Noland’s] view.”

Indeed, it is propaganda. For example, four years ago, Stonewall encouraged staff at primary schools to teach children as young as five about same-sex relationships and that boys should be allowed to express their feminine sides by dressing in frocks or becoming cheerleaders.

Some of us are resisting the “progressive” politics of today because we know the reason behind them. Former KGB subversion agent, Yuri Bezmenov, explained thirty years ago that the USSR was promoting “equality” in the West to subvert our culture, to weaken it to take over.

Of course, the agenda has been rolling along for generations now. For example, the Fabian Society, formed in 1884, was set up to advance socialism by very gradual changes.

The stained-glass Fabian Window, now on display at the LSE, depicts the Fabians smashing up the world to refashion it in their own image.

With a tortoise as their logo, they knew that they had to move very slowly to spread their socialism.

Total socialist control involves weakening the family so that the State assumes the role of surrogate parent who can micromanage us. To quote again DUP MLA Peter Weir,

“My party believes, and I believe also, that marriage is between one man and one woman and once you redefine that you lose the essence of marriage itself.”

And families are the essential building blocks of society and once these are undermined, we begin to lose our country of order and relative freedom and tolerance.

“Equality” for the few can remove freedoms from everyone else. Take the Christian B&B owners who wish to only allow married (i.e. opposite-sex couples) to share a double bed. They are no longer permitted to. Their property rights have been destroyed; their right to conscientious objection rejected, as if somebody’s “sexuality” is more important than someone else’s faith.

How is this equality? It is not.

Religion itself must be viciously attacked to usher in the seemingly impending socialist “Utopia.”

As Lenin said, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

Same-sex “marriage” is pure ideological subversion. Consider that, prior to the past few years of “political correctness gone mad” no government or monarch has legalised same-sex “marriage” anywhere in the world at any time in history.

This is because they knew the importance of families and children and wanted to keep their dominions as solid as possible.

The socialists have succeeded in using many divide and conquer techniques to set citizen against citizen. We can see just how effective this has been in Tchernookova Alice’s article.

The result of all this is tragic. Freedoms are disappearing, society is fragmenting, our country is being sucked into the socialist European Union and will one day not exist as an independent nation.

The latter has already happened, in effect, as a great number of our laws are made in Brussels – many via the United Nations, which has also been given great power over us by traitor politicians over the decades.

People need to understand that “progressive” policies are generally regressive ones, damaging society and the individual.

The only hope we have is to go back to our Judeo-Christian roots and reassert our independence and strengthen our communities by living according to the tried and tested ways of family, faith and country.

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