Happy Tax Freedom Day

Yes. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that on average we have spent the past 150 days paying tax and the money we earn for the remainder of 2015 is our own to do with as we please – as it were.

So, we have paid for the politicians’ overblown salaries and expenses, the quangos and fake charities telling us how to live (all year, not just for five months), the phoney wars, the EU protection racket money (which comes with no protection), etc. You get the idea.

For those struggling to understand the concept, there is a very short video guide for dummies (imbeciles, really) from The Telegraph. Tragically, Katie Morley, “senior personal finance reporter,” manages to get it wrong by saying that there is VAT on a bottle of milk.

Anyway, we can pretend that the money we have for the next seven months is all our own and the Dick Turpins in power don’t get a penny. Instead, we use it to pay the highway robbery of gas and electric bills, mortgage or rent on grossly overpriced housing and generally get ripped off right, left and centre on just about everything.

Mimi & Eunice'


Despite paying all that tax, it seems that David Cameron is prepared to allow a 12 year-old girl to die when the medicine to help her is sitting in a hospital cupboard.

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