Just About to Give Up Blogging When…

Wikio rankings 05-2015For the past few weeks I have been considering what to write as a final blog post, when I checked the (former Wikio) top political blogs list to find myself in the Top 100 for the first time, at number 98.

When I was regularly blogging a few years ago and attracting hundreds of comments I was perpetually stuck between positions 101 and 200, so I don’t understand how I have suddenly “made it”.

It could all be about possible new “metrics” which the boffins have devised to entertain themselves and earn some overtime.

Or maybe lots of bloggers have given up, like I intended. I have reached the point where I seem to have said the same things a dozen times and for what?

I know a lot of bloggers who really care about the state this country is in and hope to change things by writing about it or just need to get things off their chests lest their heads explode with frustration.

Some have rounded up online posses who discuss, often, single issues like the smoking ban and all the associated control freakery which has passed into law via the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the spread of this people-herding into other areas, like alcohol and food.

Because they have been herding us like cattle. One day they will insist on branding us like cattle too, with an implanted microchip or a barcode tattoo or some other device.

When the General Election results came through that Cameron;’s “Conservatives” had won an overall majority and that all but three Scottish seats had been won by the SNP, the worst control freaks I know of in UK politics, I decided it was definitely a good time to cease blogging, because after all these years of online activism (which began years before I started this blog), the masses still want to be ruled by their persecutors. They will pay a premium for designer RFID chips.

I have no idea how many bloggers think to themselves that people in high places will read their opinions and grumble to themselves and admit they got it wrong and set about changing things.

I used to think that by commenting on politicians’ blogs they would finally understand the real world and shrug off the European federalist, nanny state, multicultural disaster they helped create, in which there are so many healthist and safety regulations they expect us all to live as long as our forebears in antediluvian times, i.e. over 900 years old.

Then some of them complain that people are “living too long” and are a “strain” on the NHS, despite attempts to kill off people through lack of basic hygiene, the Liverpool Care Pathway, misdiagnoses by overworked staff, general neglect and of course, abortion.

I will try and write a few posts this week and if I drop out the Top 100, the blog gets it!

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2 Responses to Just About to Give Up Blogging When…

  1. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Stewart, I often disagree with your mixture. But you are sincere and there is a doomed passion in your words. Keep on posting. Will your invective change the world? Of course not. Rail against the world and project your world view because you can as a free man. I suspect that me and thee have little in common when it comes to a world ‘outlook’. I am a passionate atheist and rationalist and you are not. I’m divorced from the supernatural strain in our society. You see its decline with despair, where I see hope. Anyway, keep your chin up and continue to fight the losing battle- tis the British way after all.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thanks, Flaxen.

    “…there is a doomed passion in your words.”

    Of course! The world is becoming ever more degenerate. The warnings in scripture are also scientific. We are under the curse of a fallen world brought about by sin. The result is that the universe is decaying (second law of thermodynamics) and indeed, the genome of every creature is becoming more corrupted with every new generation. You could say that babies are born pre-aged with many more deleterious mutations in their cells than their parents.

    “Keep on posting.”

    Turns out I dropped down to no. 104, so that’s it!

    “I suspect that me and thee have little in common when it comes to a world ‘outlook’.”

    I used to be an evolutionist, though not an atheist. Just being alive taught me that the latter couldn’t be true and lots of study taught me that the former couldn’t be true.

    “I am a passionate atheist and rationalist and you are not.”

    I am a passionate rationalist, hence I attempt to back up my beliefs with rational explanations, even if they might not seem rational to an irrational generation which has been conditioned to believe in opposites, fables and irrational subversion for political gain.

    If Christianity wasn’t rational, there would be no modern science. The idea of millions and billions of years, which led to the Theory of Evolution, is completely irrational, based, as it is, on the ‘rule’ by James Hutton (1726-97) that,

    The past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now. No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted except those of which we know the principle.

    He just plucked an idea out of thin air and made it a rule. It’s not scientific, but a new philosophy (Uniformitarianism) which is just a dishonest way to try to promote atheism and in which he was very successful.

    His philosophy is verifiably total nonsense. Scientists are increasingly realising that catastophism better explains many of the planet’s geological features. Uniformitarianism not only rules out the Creation, but also the Flood – but also events like meteor/asteroid/comet impacts and eruptions of the supervolcanoes like Yellowstone, one of which could probably have carved out the Grand Canyon in a very short time and not millions of years.

    Much about modern science is bunkum. It is now more about money and power than truth and advancement.

    “I’m divorced from the supernatural strain in our society. You see its decline with despair, where I see hope.”

    My despair will soon be your despair. Yuri Bezmenov pointed to the fact that when ‘our’ religion goes, so does our country and freedom. This is exactly what has been happening. This is why the Establishment is doing all it can to destroy our Judeo-Christian values and replace them with Marxist-Leninist ones – invented manmade ‘laws’ – designed to enslave us to take us away from the truth that will set us free.

    Science is slowly catching up with scripture, though.

    “Anyway, keep your chin up and continue to fight the losing battle…”

    I expect I will continue to fight the battle on different fronts. The lies-posing-as-enlightenment of the past few centuries have to be tackled more robustly.

    Of course, the endgame is the separation of the wheat and tares, so the only thing that matters is finding the lost sheep before the weight of sin again destroys the earth. For some. it will be no losing battle, but a glorious victory.

    It’s still not too late for you to see through the deceit and be redeemed.

    The truth will set you free.

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