‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names (and Abstaining from ‘Traditional Societal Norms’)

baby-hand“Gender-neutral” baby names: more proof that the world has gone bonkers.

“BabyCenter’s Global Editor in Chief Linda Murray has linked the trend to younger, more open-minded parents who have elected to abstain from traditional societal norms and gender stereotypes.”

Indeed! “Gender stereotypes” and “societal norms”  should be challenged wherever they rear their ugly bigotry! For example, I am a man with a beard. I think women should also enjoy the freedom to wear beards, whether through hormone treatment or prosthetic adornments which clip on to the ears, without feeling that they are abnormal in our society, never mind considered freaks.

Perhaps men should shake off the shackles of their societally-imposed gender-imprisonment by turning up at their favourite drinking den sporting stockings and suspenders? While talking to their confused and concerned friends, they could take out a compact from their handbag and powder their face, while complaining about the price of eggs.

“This year in particular, celebrities have been at the forefront of the gender-neutral trend by naming their daughters traditionally ‘male’ monikers such as: James (Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds), Andy (Jack/Lisa Osbourne) and Wyatt (Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher).”

Of course they are! “Celebrities” are charged with the duty of leading the masses astray by subverting our culture and opening up yet more fronts on the fraudulent “equality and diversity” bandwagon aimed at creating division and moral confusion, leading to a further breakdown in society leading to our country’s destruction and takeover by a global government which doesn’t give a stuff about “gender-neutrality”, “equality”, “human rights” or any of the other cunning devices used to ensnare the naive population into accepting their own slavery through a gradual, complex series of changes in society.

Here’s a radical idea: why not seek to return to the days when men were men and women were glad of it; when there was order in society (there are/were “societal norms” for a very good reason); when families and society as a whole were successful because people knew what their role was, relatively free from this crazy confusion and when our own people ruled our country, rather than took orders from the internationalists during their long campaign of corrupting our people and institutions until they are defeated?

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