Questioning the SNP’s Motives Over the EU Referendum


One of our local papers has an article about the SNP encouraging the locals to vote to remain in the EU in the upcoming referendum. I also learned that,

Last week, the Scottish Parliament voted by 106 votes to 8 for a Scottish Government motion backing “Scotland and the rest of the UK remaining part of the EU”.

This part of Scotland, in the south west corner, relies both on agriculture and tourism for survival. It should be a prosperous area compared to the rest of the UK, but it isn’t.

The SNP has offered up some figures to try to demonstrate why EU membership is good for Scotland, but it is a very narrow economic argument which, I believe, serves to promote another agenda!

Lies, danged lies or statistics? Place your bets now!

The SNP wants a ‘Remain’ vote in Scotland because they somehow believe that it will get them another independence referendum in the very near future if the rest of the UK votes to leave the EU.

That’s one reason I don’t believe their figures or alleged reasoning: an ulterior motive.

Very interestingly:

Ms McAlpine added: “Free movement also makes it easier for tourists from the rest of the EU to visit Scotland…”

So, why is our beautiful country filled with unsightly wind turbines, which has become a factor in deterring tourists?

Because the SNP has a commitment to serve the Green god and the EU worships the same false god which is destroying our landscapes and industries.

And the foreign country in which I have holidayed most is Switzerland, which isn’t part of the zany club of Euro control freaks.

And the country (outside the UK) which provides Scotland with the largest number of visitors is the USA.

I’m sure that, freed from the EU’s shackles, should people from any other country in the world want to visit our land full of bird-choppers, EU membership will not be important; in fact, we should be able to use our independence from the EU for our benefit.

I’m not a particular fan of Boris Johnson, but when he says that, “The only continent with weaker economic growth than Europe is Antarctica,” then we need to rethink our global trading strategy and that means freeing ourselves from EU protectionism and crippling regulations which damage our capacity to trade advantageously with the rest of the world.

In Scotland, as a whole, tourism provides more jobs than agriculture does, so doesn’t it make more sense to free ourselves from Brussels bureaucracy and attract visitors from all over the world – from the growing economies who have more money to spend (and their visits will support our farms and fisheries)?

It begs the question: is the SNP more concerned about Scotland’s future economic situation or about getting another ‘independence’ referendum?

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