Second Referendum Petition Fraud – Screen Captures Show 30,000 Adjustment in Just One Area of London

Over three million people have now ‘signed’ the petition to ask the Government to consider a second EU referendum – or have they?

The BBC reports that,

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent – 77,000 signatures have already been removed.

I took two screen shots, because I could smell a rat. Most petitions, even very important ones, take many days to reach the 100,000 ‘signatures’ required to be considered for a debate by MPs, so 3,000,000 in a couple of days seemed unlikely. Are there really that many sore losers?

The first view is from lunchtime (1.25pm) today and the other less then four hours later (5.07pm).

Notice that the earlier total for the Cities of London and Westminster was 44,878, but this collapsed to 14,802 within four hours.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Huge number of 'signatures' in the Cities of London and Westminster at lunchtime.

Huge number of ‘signatures’ in the Cities of London and Westminster at lunchtime.

30,000 fewer signatures later in the afternoon.

30,000 fewer signatures later in the afternoon.

This was a huge purge of supposed ineligible signatures which equates to 39% of this “77,000” figure. I wonder what the real overall total is. Is the new figure for the Cities of London and Westminster even correct now or is it still grossly exaggerated?

I have signed many dozens of these petitions and another anomaly I noticed was the number of signatures being registered in the middle of the night – hundreds of thousands of them – when there are usually very few. I have still not readjusted from being up all night after the Referendum, so I was keeping an eye on this extraordinary growth.

The BBC says, A number of people on Twitter have pointed out that some people appear to have signed the petition from outside the UK.

Judging by the huge number of nighttime signatures, might the ‘work’ of building up this petition have been farmed out to a company in the Far East?

Could this be part of a hoax by the pro-EU Government to try to justify staging another referendum – just like in Ireland, when voters gave the “wrong” answer first time, after insufficient exposure to media scaremongering?

Something decidedly unsavoury is definitely going on and this is the proof.

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4 Responses to Second Referendum Petition Fraud – Screen Captures Show 30,000 Adjustment in Just One Area of London

  1. You’re right about something unsavoury going on, but it’s not what you’re implying. The trolls at 4chan have set up scripts to autofill over and over with fake details. It’s a conspiracy of children being childish.

    I don’t believe there’s going to be a second referendum, but I, and lots of others, have filled out the petition out of anger and as a protest. Even when the channed signatures are taken out, I still expect the result to be ridiculously high. Probably the most one of these ever gets.

    Amusingly, the petition was set up by an outer, who thought it could be used to stave off a Remain victory. Now the tables have been turned, he’s upset that it’s been hijacked by Remainers. Leave only think things are fair and proper when biased in their favour, it seems.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thanks for that, Ian. I see that it is out in the open now and that millions of fake signatures have come from North Korea, Vatican City, etc., etc., yet the BBC is still telling us that 77,000 signatures have been removed, but the total has now exceeded three-and-a-half million signatures.

    Apart from the ridiculous nature of the petition and that there were more signatures from London and Westminster than total votes cast in the constituency in last year’s general election, it was cleverly executed.

    I noticed that areas with high student populations across the country have correspondingly high numbers of (supposed) signatories, although this could be due to genuine signatures.

    This 4Chan seems to be composed of overgrown adolescents with no ambition 0f becoming adults and who appear overall pretty pathetic.

    Anyway, I appreciate being a bit older and wiser now. Let’s hope that the BBC catches up.

  3. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    Hi SC, just to let you know that Anne Raccoon has asked me to let everyone know that she is not a well gal atm and off games for a bit. Accordingly her blog is also closed/comments turned off (amazingly mr.G managed that!).

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    Cheers for that, sir. I have been worried about her. It must be getting on for a fortnight since she posted. She got Mr G trained after all. Sorry you ended up in mod – you must be using a new email address. You can tell everyone to come on here and be rude to me. I saw I got the last word in at the Raccoon Arms for the time being [Mutley laugh].

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