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Does the Latest Research Show that ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are the Sane Ones?

Over the past fortnight, many blogs have reproduced and commented on this piece on Iran’s Press TV website, written by Dr Kevin Barrett, which begins, Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary … Continue reading

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Tom Harris MP and Other Useful Idiots: Can and Should Arrests Be Made?

This all happened shortly before the terrible events at the Boston marathon… I am rarely on Twitter these days and about three weeks ago I wondered if Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South, had blocked me, like several of … Continue reading

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Amazing diagram shows who really runs the World

Who really runs the World? Well, it’s not you or I, obviously. It isn’t even the politicians. This amazing diagram gives a much better idea. The Bilderberg Group is becoming increasingly well known due to members of the public and … Continue reading

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Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking

Trust the Government. Trust the BBC. Don’t trust the internet because it’s full of conspiracy theories, and Demos has urged the government to “fight back” by infiltrating conspiracy websites to spread state propaganda. Marxist-founded Demos is terrified that schoolchildren are … Continue reading

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Why We Need A New 9/11 Investigation

This was my guest post on Subrosa’s blog this morning.. I was out and about on September 11th 2001 and the first inkling I had that the attacks had taken place was on seeing a picture of one of the … Continue reading

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The things they expect us to believe

Leg-iron likes to test how dumb some people are by telling them some ridiculous thing that he has made up and seeing if they believe him. Apparently, a lot of folk fall for his insistence that Roman roads were built … Continue reading

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Yet more evidence 9/11 was an inside job

I remain amazed that so many people can watch videos of 47-storey WTC Building 7 collapsing straight down in a mere seven seconds and still not feel inclined to question it, and then not be desperate to find out as … Continue reading

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“Building What?” 9/11’s forgotten smoking gun

One of the biggest “smoking guns” indicating that the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated, not by Arabs in caves, but by elements within the US Administration, is the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building (aka WTC 7). Look at the … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of 9/11

Washington’s Blog September 10, 2010 Photo: Macten. Don’t want to hear this? Tough. Grow up. 9/11 Commissioners: • The 9/11 Commission’s co-chairs said that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials misrepresented the facts to the Commission, and the Commission … Continue reading

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