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Is Bill Gates One of the World’s Most Destructive Do-gooders?

Chris Snowdon has posted a piece on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, Stanton Glantz has been pushing a study of nicotine exposure in the homes of e-cigarette users as a justification for banning e-cigarettes in ‘public’ places. And the ‘study’ naturally … Continue reading

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All Animals are Equal, but Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

‘Twas always thus, of course, but in this age of “equality” you would think everything would have become almost ironed out by now so that we were all just about truly equal and bells of joy would be ringing out … Continue reading

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Haters of Humanity Revisited – and Their Numbers Are Growing

Reading Leg-iron’s latest post made me think about what the future has in store for mankind. Or rather, what those who have assumed ownership of humanity have planned for us. I know Leg-iron has been trying to write a novel … Continue reading

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Tom Harris MP and Other Useful Idiots: Can and Should Arrests Be Made?

This all happened shortly before the terrible events at the Boston marathon… I am rarely on Twitter these days and about three weeks ago I wondered if Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South, had blocked me, like several of … Continue reading

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Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking

Trust the Government. Trust the BBC. Don’t trust the internet because it’s full of conspiracy theories, and Demos has urged the government to “fight back” by infiltrating conspiracy websites to spread state propaganda. Marxist-founded Demos is terrified that schoolchildren are … Continue reading

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