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Transgender Children

While on YouTube searching for something different, I encountered this video of an eleven year-old boy who dresses as a girl (and has done so for some time). It is a neat follow-up to my previous post: ‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names … Continue reading

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‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names (and Abstaining from ‘Traditional Societal Norms’)

“Gender-neutral” baby names: more proof that the world has gone bonkers. “BabyCenter’s Global Editor in Chief Linda Murray has linked the trend to younger, more open-minded parents who have elected to abstain from traditional societal norms and gender stereotypes.” Indeed! … Continue reading

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Golf, Urbanisation, GMO, Women’s Rights and Depopulation

In an age of bans and many other losses of freedoms – first, the good news. I have just been reading about golf on Wikipedia, The modern game originated in Scotland, where the first written record of golf is James … Continue reading

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Is Bill Gates One of the World’s Most Destructive Do-gooders?

Chris Snowdon has posted a piece on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, Stanton Glantz has been pushing a study of nicotine exposure in the homes of e-cigarette users as a justification for banning e-cigarettes in ‘public’ places. And the ‘study’ naturally … Continue reading

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Of Evolution and Global Government

I have been prompted to write about the march to global government by comments under a post on Anna Raccoon’s blog. Her post was basically about how the ‘caring’ social services, NHS, their solicitors, et al can come together and … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Was ‘Invented In Nazi Germany’ and How They Made the Most out of Socialised ‘Healthcare’

This is a bit of a ramble through some of the important beliefs it is important to our ‘masters’ that we swallow and where those ideas came from and the damage they can and are doing. Ever wonder why our … Continue reading

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Miliband’s Health Fascism

First, I read about Labour’s manifesto plans leaked to The Mail on Sunday from Leg-iron, who rightly says that they are targeting their own core voters. He says of Miliband, I think he’s fallen for his lobbyists’ hype. All the … Continue reading

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Why ‘New Puritans’ is a Misnomer

Time and again, I read the ‘ban it’ control freaks of today termed ‘New Puritans’. Simon Cooke has just encouraged me to put the record straight on this. The ‘New Puritans’ differ, I think, from the old type in very … Continue reading

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The UK’s Most Radical Revolutionaries are in Government

I look forward to reading Frank Davis’s blog every morning. Yesterday, he wrote that while the mainstream media paint UKIP as the revolutionaries, it’s actually the so-called mainstream parties who are, After all, with a few exceptions, the political class … Continue reading

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‘Planetary Health’

Frank Davis has picked up Chris Snowdon’s piece about the Lancet’s Manifesto and both offer their opinions about this socialist claptrap dressed up as concern and full of the usual ideas about how to produce a sustainable planet full of … Continue reading

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