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Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose?

Police want greater access to our medical records (and ‘other information’), as discovered by JuliaM. The Guardian reports, Police want new and expanded rights to access medical records and other confidential data without an individual’s consent, a senior police chief … Continue reading

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Golden Brown

Dear Gordon, Gold touched £1,000 (that’s pounds sterling) an ounce earlier in the week. You sold half our reserves at under $300 (yes, dollars) an oz when you were Chancellor of the Exchequer. When the Bilderbergers instructed you to destroy … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown’s New Job

Congratulations are due to our previous Dear Leader, but some people are a bit miffed: THE appointment of Gordon Brown as an adviser to a key world economic body met with anger last night. Mr Brown, who saddled Britain with … Continue reading

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