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How the World Works

Here’s how the world works: 1. We bomb countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to bits to give them ‘democracy’. 2. We become friends with countries like Saudi Arabia who behead and crucify people who peacefully demonstrate for ‘democracy’, even bidding … Continue reading

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Bad Eggs in Top Jobs: Is It Inevitable?

Low-grade criminals might carry a sawn-off shotgun or excel at breaking and entering houses to pinch a few pieces of bling or cheap electronics to sell down the pub, but a life of crime with vastly better pay and conditions … Continue reading

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For the Children… and the Adults

Leg-iron tells us that Theresa May has announced that there is going to be an investigation into paedophilia, not just in Westminster, To placate the masses, they are also going to investigate the NHS, the BBC and the Church (just … Continue reading

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Westminster Paedophile Ring: Now the Death Threats Start?

I was wondering about the current MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, who is taking a leading role in the attempted paedophile investigations in Westminster – as his seat was held by pervert Cyril Smith from 1972 to 1992. He recently appeared before … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day the Ukippers Have Their Picnic?

If you go down to the booths today… As the nation – or a fraction of it – goes to the polls today to vote for the next round of MEPs, we could be in for a big surprise, as … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s Message for Voters with Very Short Memories

I received an email from Ed Miliband’s team yesterday about the ‘bedroom tax’ (I signed up to Labour emails). Hi Stewart, [That’s “sir” to you.] There’s no place for the cruelty of the bedroom tax in Britain today. [Unlike the … Continue reading

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Should Party Conferences Have Ejector Seats?

I read over at Subrosa’s that the Tory Conference has had a Walter Wolfgang moment. This time it was two army veterans, Col Ian Brazier and Capt Joe Eastwood, who were asked to leave following their heckling of Defence Secretary, … Continue reading

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MPs Are Not Above The Law

After arduously attempting to read through the Hansard report of this past week’s proposed marriage-wrecking legislation and its various clauses, I noticed the Speaker’s first words at the very start of the week’s business, after prayers, were as follows, Mr … Continue reading

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Tom Harris MP and Other Useful Idiots: Can and Should Arrests Be Made?

This all happened shortly before the terrible events at the Boston marathon… I am rarely on Twitter these days and about three weeks ago I wondered if Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South, had blocked me, like several of … Continue reading

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Obama Declares War on Reality

Occasionally, there is an article in the mainstream media which is as good as you will find on the best blogs: honest, well-written and fearless. James Delingpole wrote such a piece yesterday. I will reproduce it here, lest the Telegraph … Continue reading

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