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Transgender Children

While on YouTube searching for something different, I encountered this video of an eleven year-old boy who dresses as a girl (and has done so for some time). It is a neat follow-up to my previous post: ‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names … Continue reading

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Happy Tax Freedom Day

Yes. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that on average we have spent the past 150 days paying tax and the money we earn for the remainder of 2015 is our own to do with … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath to Climb the Political or Corporate Ladder, But It Helps

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to write. Today he concentrates on the draconian legislation about to hit China’s 300 million smokers – they did ratify the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005 – and about the Russian smoking … Continue reading

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Could the Labour and Tory Identity Crises Let in UKIP?

Today, Frank Davis points to the YouGov poll which shows UKIP more popular than Labour: CON: 38% UKIP: 28% LAB: 25% LIB-DEM: Missing, presumed dead. Frank says, I think all the mainstream political parties are facing identity crises. There’s very … Continue reading

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Tobacco Control Out Of Control

Today’s piece by Frank Davis is called The Tobacco Control Mentality. It concerns a Canadian study by their Tobacco Control industry. Frank sums up the gist of part of their “reasoning”, “For Tobacco Control, it seems that the ideal individual … Continue reading

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Fraud, Errors and Bribes Costing the NHS Billions

Or rather, the taxpayer. Today’s post from Frank Davis is about the situation in the USA, where millions and billions of dollars are being paid in bonuses to doctors and on programmes telling Americans how to eat and on other … Continue reading

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Is Bill Gates One of the World’s Most Destructive Do-gooders?

Chris Snowdon has posted a piece on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, Stanton Glantz has been pushing a study of nicotine exposure in the homes of e-cigarette users as a justification for banning e-cigarettes in ‘public’ places. And the ‘study’ naturally … Continue reading

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Stoptober and Sober October

Frank Davis has informed his readers that Stoptober (stopping smoking) has a new companion… Another October, another Pat Nurse Octabber: But Stoptober now has an ugly sister, Sober October. Millions of people do have a serious drink problem in this … Continue reading

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Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose?

Police want greater access to our medical records (and ‘other information’), as discovered by JuliaM. The Guardian reports, Police want new and expanded rights to access medical records and other confidential data without an individual’s consent, a senior police chief … Continue reading

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Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

There is a new money-saving plan now operating where some ambulances are attending 999 calls without a trained paramedic on board. A few years ago we had the first plastic policemen aka Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), now we’re getting … Continue reading

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