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The Hypocrisy of the BBC in Sacking N-word DJ

As you have probably read, “veteran” BBC Radio Devon presenter, David Lowe, has been sacked for inadvertently (we assume) playing a version of The Sun Has Got His Hat On which had “nigger” in the lyrics. It is a very … Continue reading

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Channel 4 Offers an Example of How the Mainstream Media Hate UKIP’s Success

At the time of writing, 3am (awake due to sick dog howling like a banshee), this is considered the main news on the Channel 4 website. Not the main UK news or most pertinent politics news even, but the most … Continue reading

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UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

In the latest poll for The Times, UKIP is in first place, three points ahead of Labour. The mainstream media and parties are now so concerned about the threat from UKIP that they scour Twitter for any off-colour (pun intended) … Continue reading

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The UKIP Keyboard That Will Satisfy All Your Right-wing Computing Needs

The mainstream media must be beside themselves at the recent news that migration into the UK is still well into six figures, despite Cameron’s “promise to cut net annual migration to “tens of thousands” by next year’s general election.” Cameron’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Who at Fifty – Well, Eighteen, Really

I thought I would take a break from the usual political and politically correct nonsense to write about something else, albeit, these days it is full of politically correct nonsense itself and I wouldn’t watch it nowadays if you paid … Continue reading

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Does the Latest Research Show that ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are the Sane Ones?

Over the past fortnight, many blogs have reproduced and commented on this piece on Iran’s Press TV website, written by Dr Kevin Barrett, which begins, Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary … Continue reading

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Obama Declares War on Reality

Occasionally, there is an article in the mainstream media which is as good as you will find on the best blogs: honest, well-written and fearless. James Delingpole wrote such a piece yesterday. I will reproduce it here, lest the Telegraph … Continue reading

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Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking

Trust the Government. Trust the BBC. Don’t trust the internet because it’s full of conspiracy theories, and Demos has urged the government to “fight back” by infiltrating conspiracy websites to spread state propaganda. Marxist-founded Demos is terrified that schoolchildren are … Continue reading

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The Controlled Music Industry and “Counter-culture”

After a young friend “liked” Wiz Khalifa on Facebook, a foul-mouthed rapper who promotes drug use, I felt the need to “like” him myself so I could leave this comment on his page: Here’s the deal – the government makes … Continue reading

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Is Christ really coming back later today?

Here is yet another specific end-time “prophecy” (from the USA again: shock; horror). I don’t know why our mainstream media are infatuated with the antics of small town American preachers (think Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church). The most … Continue reading

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