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Happy Tax Freedom Day

Yes. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that on average we have spent the past 150 days paying tax and the money we earn for the remainder of 2015 is our own to do with … Continue reading

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Bad Eggs in Top Jobs: Is It Inevitable?

Low-grade criminals might carry a sawn-off shotgun or excel at breaking and entering houses to pinch a few pieces of bling or cheap electronics to sell down the pub, but a life of crime with vastly better pay and conditions … Continue reading

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Fraud, Errors and Bribes Costing the NHS Billions

Or rather, the taxpayer. Today’s post from Frank Davis is about the situation in the USA, where millions and billions of dollars are being paid in bonuses to doctors and on programmes telling Americans how to eat and on other … Continue reading

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Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

There is a new money-saving plan now operating where some ambulances are attending 999 calls without a trained paramedic on board. A few years ago we had the first plastic policemen aka Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), now we’re getting … Continue reading

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Channel 4 Offers an Example of How the Mainstream Media Hate UKIP’s Success

At the time of writing, 3am (awake due to sick dog howling like a banshee), this is considered the main news on the Channel 4 website. Not the main UK news or most pertinent politics news even, but the most … Continue reading

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Why Do the Poor Demand the Rich Pay More Tax, Rather Than The Poor Pay Less?

The answer might seem obvious, that the more the rich pay the less the poor have to pay. Let’s get one myth out of the way. The one which says that taxing the rich ever higher amounts leads to greater … Continue reading

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Letter from Buckingham Palace and World Exclusive!

This letter arrived for me over a week ago. As you can see, the stamp, wavy line cancellation, date stamp and EIIR insignia are all red. On the reverse of the envelope, was simply the Queen’s crest (below), also in … Continue reading

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How the EU Could Treble Spam Telephone Calls from this Autumn

In yet another example of their love for our privacy and peace, those meddlesome minions at the EU have decided that companies who constantly spam us with nuisance sales calls are paying far too much to inconvenience us. The Telegraph … Continue reading

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More Amazing Tesco Dirty Tricks Revealed

I started boycotting Tesco’s in 2005 for selling the blasphemous Jerry Springer, the Opera DVD. Since then, they have continued to dismay and disgust the nation with just about everything from their immoral means of acquiring new property to selling … Continue reading

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How much IS that doggy in the window?

This sign is on Congressman Ron Paul’s desk. It could be on any desk in any country. My two dogs had minor operations today. Both are doing fine and have just eaten heartily. I don’t mind the vet’s bill, but … Continue reading

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