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Failed in Wales

I have just watched the debate on the EU referendum between the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Nigel Farage. This is the first time I have really heard Carwyn Jones. I don’t know if he has a nickname, … Continue reading

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The REAL Latest Opinion Poll – Land of Confusion

This is the latest Election opinion poll (Guardian/ICM). With Labour and the Tories neck and neck, commanding 70% of the intentions and the Lib Dems on 9%, four out of five people must be satisfied with the governments of the … Continue reading

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Could the Labour and Tory Identity Crises Let in UKIP?

Today, Frank Davis points to the YouGov poll which shows UKIP more popular than Labour: CON: 38% UKIP: 28% LAB: 25% LIB-DEM: Missing, presumed dead. Frank says, I think all the mainstream political parties are facing identity crises. There’s very … Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of the West

I am picking up on today’s post, Sanity and Insanity, from Frank Davis, who is reporting on the EU’s economic suicide to agree to massive CO2 emission cuts. He has also posted a very creepy short segment of an interview with … Continue reading

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Salmond vs Darling: the Debate on Scottish ‘Independence’

Subrosa alerted me to the STV debate the other day between these leaders of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns of the Scottish ‘Independence’ referendum which is taking place in six weeks’ time. Approaching a decade since I bought a television … Continue reading

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A Revolution in the UK is Inevitable, Reading into the Words of Tony Blair

Anna Raccoon has blogged about Tony Blair’s latest words of wisdom on his “The Office of Tony Blair” website, titled Iraq, Syria and the Middle East – An essay by Tony Blair. Anna asks, “had he decided not to go … Continue reading

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Miliband’s Health Fascism

First, I read about Labour’s manifesto plans leaked to The Mail on Sunday from Leg-iron, who rightly says that they are targeting their own core voters. He says of Miliband, I think he’s fallen for his lobbyists’ hype. All the … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Say

It’s what the social engineers wanted: a people so scared they would adopt a politically correct stance for fear of reprisals. We seem to be getting there quickly. The picture above is the home page of the Express website during … Continue reading

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The UKIP Keyboard That Will Satisfy All Your Right-wing Computing Needs

The mainstream media must be beside themselves at the recent news that migration into the UK is still well into six figures, despite Cameron’s “promise to cut net annual migration to “tens of thousands” by next year’s general election.” Cameron’s … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s Message for Voters with Very Short Memories

I received an email from Ed Miliband’s team yesterday about the ‘bedroom tax’ (I signed up to Labour emails). Hi Stewart, [That’s “sir” to you.] There’s no place for the cruelty of the bedroom tax in Britain today. [Unlike the … Continue reading

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