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Of Evolution and Global Government

I have been prompted to write about the march to global government by comments under a post on Anna Raccoon’s blog. Her post was basically about how the ‘caring’ social services, NHS, their solicitors, et al can come together and … Continue reading

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Will Atheist “Churches” Catch On?

Atheists are planning a network of “churches” where unbelievers can gather to enjoy the benefits of church, but without the inconvenient parts which are a bit of a bummer for people who want to carry on sinning and not be … Continue reading

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Does the Latest Research Show that ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are the Sane Ones?

Over the past fortnight, many blogs have reproduced and commented on this piece on Iran’s Press TV website, written by Dr Kevin Barrett, which begins, Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary … Continue reading

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They don’t like it up ‘em

So said Lance Corporal Jones about the Germans on Dad’s Army.  The exact phrase, “They don’t like it up ‘em” returns “About 271,000 results” on Google. Oddly, I couldn’t find a video clip of one of the show’s most famous … Continue reading

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The Myths and Hoaxes in 21st Century Britain. Part 1: The Theory of Evolution.

A couple of centuries ago, the philosophy of uniformitarianism was gaining in popularity. According to this philosophy, the processes we see happening on earth today are presumed always to have occurred: “the present is the key to the past”. From … Continue reading

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The ‘Religion of Peace': Christian Professor’s hand hacked off for ‘blasphemy’

There really are few words which can adequately describe the hatred that Mohammedanism is able to stir up among some of the ‘faithful’. One wonders if the Devil himself hates with more enthusiasm than some followers of the “Religion of … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Exposed: Part V – Cranmer vs Dawkins

Okay, this is last week’s news, but I promised somewhere I would write about it. Cranmer posed the question, Should Richard Dawkins be arrested for incitement to religious hatred? He was responding to Richard Dawkins’ ‘rant’ in The Times, Hear … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Exposed: Part IV – Moscow’s Stray Dogs “Evolving Greater Intelligence”!

I want to draw your attention to this article: Moscow’s Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence, Including a Mastery of the Subway, which appeared on Dawkins’ website at the weekend. Firstly, I don’t know whether Dawkins added this article to his … Continue reading

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Why have humanists suddenly become so angry and intolerant?

They seem to hate with a passion anything and everything concerned with religion and belief in supernatural beings. They hate faith schools. They hate religious broadcasting. They just seem to hate, which is remarkable, considering a humanist is meant to … Continue reading

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The tedious ‘new’ atheism

I’m not sure how I came across this article on about ‘professional atheist’ Christopher Hitchens, but I was certainly intrigued by the title. Leonard Stern, writes, Here’s the problem: The atheists don’t understand that it’s possible to reject scripture … Continue reading

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