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Letter from Buckingham Palace and World Exclusive!

This letter arrived for me over a week ago. As you can see, the stamp, wavy line cancellation, date stamp and EIIR insignia are all red. On the reverse of the envelope, was simply the Queen’s crest (below), also in … Continue reading

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The Day that England Died

The Queen has broken her Coronation Oath and given the royal assent to same sex “marriage”. This piece of social engineering insanity will damage what remains of the fabric of society in England and Wales. To repeat: this is a … Continue reading

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First Item on Tomorrow’s To-Do List: Telephone the Queen

They have gone and done it. The House of Lords has agreed to same-sex “marriage”. Unless MPs object to the bill at the eleventh hour during a short Commons debate set to take place on Tuesday, it is expected to … Continue reading

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Police State UK

There were mixed reactions to my post on Friday morning about the arrest of Charlie Veitch. Well, it turns out that Charlie’s girlfriend, Silkie, filmed the entire arrest. This seems to have been a political arrest ahead of the Royal … Continue reading

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Royal Police State 2: Old couple dragged off for being about to perform street theatre

Old Holborn has also written about the arrest and detention of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police. Whether you agree with Charlie Veitch and the deeds of the Love Police is a matter of choice. Personally, I support his peaceful … Continue reading

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Prince Philip’s Love Child Writes

I don’t usually write about royal gossip, but I received a tweet the other day from an Argentinian man who says he is Prince Philip’s illegitimate son. He claims to have been conceived five or six years before Philip married … Continue reading

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Is Prince Charles a eugenicist? Are you without realising?

This is how the world’s elites view humanity – as a virus; a cancer spreading across the planet and killing it. I believe the main purpose of the environment movement is to sear images like these into people’s minds so … Continue reading

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Prince Charles still desperate to convince us on climate change

With more and more people becoming wise to the lies and disinformation of the environment movement over climate change, Prince Charles has tried to redress the balance by insisting we ignore the recent reports of manipulation by those we trusted … Continue reading

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Orf with his head!

We have become so tetchy. So scared of causing offence. Even scared stiff to be associated with somebody who has been accused of causing offence, that when DJ Tom Binns dissed the Queen by stopping short her Christmas message on … Continue reading

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