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Why ‘New Puritans’ is a Misnomer

Time and again, I read the ‘ban it’ control freaks of today termed ‘New Puritans’. Simon Cooke has just encouraged me to put the record straight on this. The ‘New Puritans’ differ, I think, from the old type in very … Continue reading

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Drinking from the cup of abomination

Do you believe in do-as-you-would-be-done-by? Does the knowledge that the things you do, whether good or bad, will be revisited upon you by way of either blessings or troubles, possibly with interest? “Do unto others” was a popular expression in … Continue reading

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Eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament calls for population to be reduced by a quarter

In the first video I posted here about the neo-eugenics war on humanity, Alan Watt warns us about the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) who are demanding governments radically reduce the population. (Starts 4:20 in.) Two MSPs have given these well … Continue reading

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Godwin’s Law needs to be updated in this age of bans and eugenics

Leg-iron observes that Godwin’s Law needs to be updated. Whether discussing the smoking ban or the many other authoritarian measures which are now in place, it is difficult to avoid the obvious similarities with Nazism. And as in 1930’s Germany, … Continue reading

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Is Prince Charles a eugenicist? Are you without realising?

This is how the world’s elites view humanity – as a virus; a cancer spreading across the planet and killing it. I believe the main purpose of the environment movement is to sear images like these into people’s minds so … Continue reading

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Abortion ads during game shows

How much lower can this country sink? Channel 4 is set to air an advert for fakecharity Marie Stopes tonight during Davina McCall’s gameshow The Million Pound Drop Live. The organisation, which carried out 65,000 abortions last year, has circumvented … Continue reading

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Christmas Miracle: Mother and baby die in labour, then both revive

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Please reprogramme your conscience to be compliant with State directives

We know how much New Labour despises the individual (not just the family). They hate intelligence (because a little knowledge in the proles is a dangerous thing to the elite); that’s why we had to be dumbed down. They hate … Continue reading

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T-shirt designers wanted

LabourList has announced the upcoming Young Fabian T-shirt campaign: “this policy changed my life”. I think I’ll enter this one that I designed as a poster last winter:

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The business of preserving life…unless it is human life

For me, there are many things wrong with the country and the world. Some make me really angry or upset. You will know some of them already: abortion, sins of the flesh and traitors in high places. I used to … Continue reading

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