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Happy Tax Freedom Day

Yes. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that on average we have spent the past 150 days paying tax and the money we earn for the remainder of 2015 is our own to do with … Continue reading

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Propaganda Wars Ahead of Scottish Independence Referendum. They Can’t Both Be Right.

With less than three months to go until people in Scotland vote for ‘independence’, Leg-iron and I have just received the 16-page booklet from HM Government, What staying in the United Kingdom means for Scotland. There are not many ‘ethnic … Continue reading

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Why Do the Poor Demand the Rich Pay More Tax, Rather Than The Poor Pay Less?

The answer might seem obvious, that the more the rich pay the less the poor have to pay. Let’s get one myth out of the way. The one which says that taxing the rich ever higher amounts leads to greater … Continue reading

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How much IS that doggy in the window?

This sign is on Congressman Ron Paul’s desk. It could be on any desk in any country. My two dogs had minor operations today. Both are doing fine and have just eaten heartily. I don’t mind the vet’s bill, but … Continue reading

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