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Transgender Children

While on YouTube searching for something different, I encountered this video of an eleven year-old boy who dresses as a girl (and has done so for some time). It is a neat follow-up to my previous post: ‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names … Continue reading

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UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

In the latest poll for The Times, UKIP is in first place, three points ahead of Labour. The mainstream media and parties are now so concerned about the threat from UKIP that they scour Twitter for any off-colour (pun intended) … Continue reading

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Just what IS a ‘mental disorder’?

I met a transsexual person (male to female) yesterday. Afterwards, I was talking to a mutual friend and I instinctively referred to ‘her’ as a him. Well, I was informed that if ‘she’ had heard me say this I would … Continue reading

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Transsexualism is ‘delusion’ says former sex-swap man

It’s what I have been arguing for years – one of many things! A man who underwent sex change surgery to look like a woman – then changed back – says the NHS should halt all sex change operations. Charles … Continue reading

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New Labour vs God

Two stories have caught my eye about New Labour’s panic to hand the Almighty His P45. The first involves two of the remaining British dependencies, which have new draft constitutions that make a reference to Christianity. The Cayman Islands in … Continue reading

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The schoolboy in a dress

The Mail reports on a Sun article, A 12-year-old boy is preparing to have a sex change operation after returning to school following the summer break as a girl, it was claimed today. The boy, who has now had his … Continue reading

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