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UK Government Drops Bid to Provide Services to Saudi Prisons. More to Do

From an email just received from Reprieve and regarding my previous posts: “The UK government has today announced that it will drop its bid to provide services to the Saudi prison system. “With two juveniles at imminent risk of execution … Continue reading

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Bad Eggs in Top Jobs: Is It Inevitable?

Low-grade criminals might carry a sawn-off shotgun or excel at breaking and entering houses to pinch a few pieces of bling or cheap electronics to sell down the pub, but a life of crime with vastly better pay and conditions … Continue reading

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Could the Labour and Tory Identity Crises Let in UKIP?

Today, Frank Davis points to the YouGov poll which shows UKIP more popular than Labour: CON: 38% UKIP: 28% LAB: 25% LIB-DEM: Missing, presumed dead. Frank says, I think all the mainstream political parties are facing identity crises. There’s very … Continue reading

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Explaining UKIP’s Popularity

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to put fingers to keyboard, this time with his post about UKIP being a “state of mind“. When David Cameron begs Labour, LibDem and Green supporters in Rochester and Strood to vote Tory to … Continue reading

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Propaganda Wars Ahead of Scottish Independence Referendum. They Can’t Both Be Right.

With less than three months to go until people in Scotland vote for ‘independence’, Leg-iron and I have just received the 16-page booklet from HM Government, What staying in the United Kingdom means for Scotland. There are not many ‘ethnic … Continue reading

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Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

There is a new money-saving plan now operating where some ambulances are attending 999 calls without a trained paramedic on board. A few years ago we had the first plastic policemen aka Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), now we’re getting … Continue reading

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UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

In the latest poll for The Times, UKIP is in first place, three points ahead of Labour. The mainstream media and parties are now so concerned about the threat from UKIP that they scour Twitter for any off-colour (pun intended) … Continue reading

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Land of Intolerance?

Leg-iron has written a piece which had Frank Davis poking his head above the parapet to catch a wider view of society, post-smoking ban, which had me pondering on both their thoughts and felt inclined to add my own observations. … Continue reading

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Labour MP Upset about No Plain Packaging for Cigarettes

I am signed up to receive labour.org.uk’s emails. Today’s was from a new one on me: Hemsworth Constituency MP and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, Jon Trickett. Apparently, The Hemsworth constituency is famous for being the place where Labour … Continue reading

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You Could Not Trust Cameron Then and You Cannot Trust Him Now

So, we’re to get a referendum on our EU membership/enslavement in the next four or five years, are we? That is, if people are nuts enough to vote for the David Cameron Party again next time, because Ed Miliband doesn’t … Continue reading

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