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Notes from a Small Island: Referendum Journey’s End

Today’s the day the voters have their pick, Nick. Nick Clegg has engaged in some last minute scaremongering, because he is probably aware that most people will have been completely ignoring him since his attempt at being in government. As … Continue reading

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Farage Defies Clegg’s Lies on Televised Debate

Like Frank Davis, I too watched Round 2 of Clegg vs Farage on BBC iplayer, seeing as I don’t pay the TV tax. I mention Frank, because I left a long comment on his blog that I thought I would … Continue reading

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Now that everything is wrapped in plastic, we have to pay for plastic bags to carry it all home in

So, the people of England are to be charged fivepence for a cheap poly bag to carry home their shopping as from 2015. Yes, it’s another one of Nick Clegg’s contributions to the Coalition. According to Slugger O’Toole, shoppers in … Continue reading

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Open Letter to MPs on the EU Referendum Debate and Vote

To all Members of Parliament, Please vote on Monday to allow the people of the United Kingdom to have a say in OUR future. We demand the right to a referendum on EU membership, denied for so long and promised … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dear ConDems

Actually, it’s a belated “happy birthday,” as it was a year ago yesterday that the baby was born which would be known as ConDem. Tory sperm had met LibDem egg and a strange chimera grew: a creature that could simultaneously … Continue reading

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X-Factor politics has arrived as Nick Clegg “nearly as popular as Winston Churchill”

The Leaders’ Debate on the telly has prompted huge support for the Lib Dems. Not only does a YouGov survey for the Sunday Times suggest that Nick Clegg is now the most popular party leader since Winston Churchill, but a … Continue reading

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Clegg: faith schools must teach that homosexuality is “normal and harmless”

Such a statement proves that everyone should have a problem with the Liberal Democrat leader, because he is certainly not normal or harmless. His statement is factually incorrect (a lie) and illiberal (fascist). Firstly, homosexual behaviour is not normal for … Continue reading

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