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Failed in Wales

I have just watched the debate on the EU referendum between the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Nigel Farage. This is the first time I have really heard Carwyn Jones. I don’t know if he has a nickname, … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Say

It’s what the social engineers wanted: a people so scared they would adopt a politically correct stance for fear of reprisals. We seem to be getting there quickly. The picture above is the home page of the Express website during … Continue reading

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Channel 4 Offers an Example of How the Mainstream Media Hate UKIP’s Success

At the time of writing, 3am (awake due to sick dog howling like a banshee), this is considered the main news on the Channel 4 website. Not the main UK news or most pertinent politics news even, but the most … Continue reading

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Farage Defies Clegg’s Lies on Televised Debate

Like Frank Davis, I too watched Round 2 of Clegg vs Farage on BBC iplayer, seeing as I don’t pay the TV tax. I mention Frank, because I left a long comment on his blog that I thought I would … Continue reading

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Changing the Face of Britain: an Agenda a Long Time in the Making

Frank Davis writes some of the best blog posts out there, in my opinion. He is often “Banging on about the Smoking Ban,” but his interest in statistics and science makes for good reading too. (That’s not him in the … Continue reading

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We Joined the EEC 40 Years Ago Today. Could You Name the UK’s Top 5 Mistakes?

Nigel Farage reminded us on Facebook that “40 years ago today Britain joined the EEC: our worst ever mistake.” What do you think, pop pickers? Here are my UK’s Top 5 Mistakes, 1967 The Abortion Act 1973 EEC 1997 Blair … Continue reading

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Zebras to be barcoded?

The equine kind is under the EU spotlight at the moment. Apparently they now want to microchip zebras to help prevent them being stolen. UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “I wasn’t even aware we had a problem with stolen African … Continue reading

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