BBC Scrapes the Barrel to find ‘Racism’ in Food Photography!

I felt I had to break my eight month hiatus from blogging to ridicule this pathetic new low to keep the ‘HATE’ industry going. ‘Hate’ seems to be the lifeblood of the BBC and their leftist allies in the media and government. There must have been a lull to sink this low. Come to think of it, I haven’t read of a footballer uttering a “racist slur” for a while.

I guess then, out of desperation to assure us that racism is omnipresent and something we should be worried about continually (along with the hundreds of other things we are conditioned to be worried sick about), the BBC poses the question, “Are food bloggers fuelling racist stereotypes?” by, for example, photographing a meal which has its roots in Asia with chopsticks or on a bamboo mat.

These ideas were discussed on a podcast whose guest was ‘Filipino-American’ food photographer Celeste Noche.

She said, “We need to break away from the idea that white and western is the base standard for media portrayals – whether in food, film, literature, etc – and start trusting and hiring people of colour to represent themselves.”

Isn’t this “racist” in itself? If she has moved from the Philippines to the USA, what would she expect but mainly ‘white and western’? An Australian Aborigine culture, perhaps, with witchetty grubs on every menu? (Photographed with chopsticks, probably.)

And it is somewhat insulting to both ‘white and western’ and ‘ethnic’ folks to suggest that Asian people cannot open their own photograph studios or that they couldn’t issue the simple instruction to stupid old ‘white and western’ people to just shoot the dishes and not to include any ‘ethnic’ paraphernalia.

It is also worth noting that the podcast on which the BBC article is based was uploaded on 2nd November 2016 on The Racist Sandwich website, so it has taken the BBC four months to dredge the more obscure reaches of the internet to find this non-story.


“Chopsticks sticking straight up into rice or noodles can be seen as offensive in some Asian cultures,” says Noche

The podcasts are about “race, gender, food and class” – everything the BBC obsesses about. It has to be a bookmarked site by them for future great exposés. Maybe they will discuss “Islamophobic tomatoes” or “homophobic goldfish”?

They talk about “Diversity Day” at school and how awful it was for all the children from immigrant families to have to dress up in the national garb and bring a typical meal.

I am quite surprised that they are so unimpressed with ‘diversity’, so that’s encouraging. They might even have some sort of point about the photographs of food, but my issue here is that the BBC never seems to miss a trick when it comes to stirring people up. The article admits that photographers and chefs are making mistakes, but they manage to extrapolate the possibility of “racism” which is, frankly, diabolical.

But here in Scotland, we are obviously ‘racist’ towards ourselves. Look at this picture of a haggis from Grant’s of Speytown:

A 'racist' haggis?

A ‘racist’ haggis?

How condescending! Tartan and a wee dram.

No “See you, Jimmy” hat?

So it looks like we are not meant to drool over ‘diversity’ after all. Just enjoy the food (or not), leave out the paraphernalia, treat all people as fellow human beings and stop paying our TV licence fee to fund the BBC’s hatefest.

I am in my thirteenth year as a non-licence payer.

Why not stop feeding them too?

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Second Referendum Petition Fraud – Screen Captures Show 30,000 Adjustment in Just One Area of London

Over three million people have now ‘signed’ the petition to ask the Government to consider a second EU referendum – or have they?

The BBC reports that,

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent – 77,000 signatures have already been removed.

I took two screen shots, because I could smell a rat. Most petitions, even very important ones, take many days to reach the 100,000 ‘signatures’ required to be considered for a debate by MPs, so 3,000,000 in a couple of days seemed unlikely. Are there really that many sore losers?

The first view is from lunchtime (1.25pm) today and the other less then four hours later (5.07pm).

Notice that the earlier total for the Cities of London and Westminster was 44,878, but this collapsed to 14,802 within four hours.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Huge number of 'signatures' in the Cities of London and Westminster at lunchtime.

Huge number of ‘signatures’ in the Cities of London and Westminster at lunchtime.

30,000 fewer signatures later in the afternoon.

30,000 fewer signatures later in the afternoon.

This was a huge purge of supposed ineligible signatures which equates to 39% of this “77,000” figure. I wonder what the real overall total is. Is the new figure for the Cities of London and Westminster even correct now or is it still grossly exaggerated?

I have signed many dozens of these petitions and another anomaly I noticed was the number of signatures being registered in the middle of the night – hundreds of thousands of them – when there are usually very few. I have still not readjusted from being up all night after the Referendum, so I was keeping an eye on this extraordinary growth.

The BBC says, A number of people on Twitter have pointed out that some people appear to have signed the petition from outside the UK.

Judging by the huge number of nighttime signatures, might the ‘work’ of building up this petition have been farmed out to a company in the Far East?

Could this be part of a hoax by the pro-EU Government to try to justify staging another referendum – just like in Ireland, when voters gave the “wrong” answer first time, after insufficient exposure to media scaremongering?

Something decidedly unsavoury is definitely going on and this is the proof.


To Dream the Impossible Dream – Against All Odds

This was the betting at lunchtime yesterday. These were the best odds available, courtesy of Oddschecker:

referendum-day-bettingIt looked like Remain were heading for a landslide, but I had already earnestly prayed for a Leave vote, so I traipsed out on a seemingly pointless quest to follow that star of freedom and I dared to dream the impossible dream.

“The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God’s paradise given on Earth, is to fight a losing battle – and not lose it.” G.K. Chesterton

James Delingpole thinks he has the answer for the dream coming true,

Firstly, God was definitely on Brexit’s side — which is why he arranged all those downpours in London (aka Remain Central) yesterday. He knew that Leavers would turn out come hell or high water whereas Remainers — being pampered, smug, and overconfident — would have decided not to bother.

Secondly, the public were persuaded by the Leave campaign’s joyously optimistic, positive message, which contrasted so markedly with Remain’s.

Thirdly, on this occasion democracy worked. The British people sensed the momentousness of the occasion — a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real difference and shake the status quo by depriving the anti-democratic elite of their ill-gotten gains — and seized their chance.

I never thought this would happen.

Well it has! Against all odds.

While nippy sweetie Nicola Sturgeon wants a new Scottish ‘Indy’ referendum so that the EU can sink its teeth deeper than ever into us north of the border,  the result has ignited real independence fever across the Continent and calls for their own referenda for a chance to be free from the slavery of globalism.

I guess our total net EU contributions must have been around £100 billion. Do you reckon we’ll get a ‘Thank You’ note?

Me neither, what with the cost of stamps these days. Anyway…

Take a look at us now: onwards and upwards.


Notes from a Small Island: Referendum Journey’s End

EU referendum

To our fallen in wars who defended our freedoms: “At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them”. What better way to honour them today than to vote LEAVE?

Today’s the day the voters have their pick, Nick.

Nick Clegg has engaged in some last minute scaremongering, because he is probably aware that most people will have been completely ignoring him since his attempt at being in government.

As I wrote on his Facebook page,

I give you credit; you never give up with the baloney. Why don’t you buy your wife some cheap perfume and take her out for some spaghetti? You can discuss a new career for yourself – perhaps open a boutique or an art gallery?

If I wake up to find out we’re leaving, I will be able to smell the flowers again, enjoy raindrops rolling down my cheeks, give my loose change to children and hearty handshakes to neighbours I’ve neglected.

If I can reactivate the muscles in my face to produce a thing called a smile, I can bring joy to the brokenhearted, brighten the day of a lonely pensioner and skip down the road singing, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”.

I will relish being free again. Free from ‘Project Fear’ and its lies and distractions designed to make this country and our people look like incompetent and stupid yokels who need unelected nannies to tell us what we can and cannot do.

I hope to wake up to a glorious new start for the United Kingdom and a chance to be a shining star in the world, rather than an abused partner in a decaying club of elitist control freaks.


Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours arguing on Twitter with SNP supporters. I was told to stop being so ‘angry’. The general tone of the many tweets I was receiving from people who weren’t even following me, was arrogance and ignorance in about equal measure. An SNP MP and an MSP joined in.

The arguments put forward among the ad hominem comments – the sneering contempt for me dressed up as ‘debate’ – were the ones they have been conditioned to parrot over the past months, such as the idea that we need to be in the EU to trade with them and that the EU has brought us “70 years of peace”.

Ridiculous old chestnuts that even a passing interest in economics and history would see written off as non-arguments.

The EU cannot be “reformed” as wishful thinkers keep on wishfully thinking. Correction: it is being continually reformed, but in the sense that it constantly gets worse. More freedoms lost; more jobs lost; more taxes; more debt; more moral decline; more collapse of society.

We have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain by voting to leave – if the Establishment will honour the result.

The first step is in making sure that the result is to leave the EU.

Then another new journey will begin as we rediscover our country, repeal tons of destructive, overbearing EU legislation and trade with the world on favourable terms.

If anyone believes that the EU policymakers actually care about people, please read this.


If you still aren’t convinced:

‘Reunification of Europe’ – Martin Schulz, the European Parliament President, on an important step towards reunification.

The EU hates Christianity for a reason

Ten reasons to leave the EU

Why the European Union MUST be dissolved - Who will be left to ‘stand alone’ when it all goes wrong next time?

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Questioning the SNP’s Motives Over the EU Referendum


One of our local papers has an article about the SNP encouraging the locals to vote to remain in the EU in the upcoming referendum. I also learned that,

Last week, the Scottish Parliament voted by 106 votes to 8 for a Scottish Government motion backing “Scotland and the rest of the UK remaining part of the EU”.

This part of Scotland, in the south west corner, relies both on agriculture and tourism for survival. It should be a prosperous area compared to the rest of the UK, but it isn’t.

The SNP has offered up some figures to try to demonstrate why EU membership is good for Scotland, but it is a very narrow economic argument which, I believe, serves to promote another agenda!

Lies, danged lies or statistics? Place your bets now!

The SNP wants a ‘Remain’ vote in Scotland because they somehow believe that it will get them another independence referendum in the very near future if the rest of the UK votes to leave the EU.

That’s one reason I don’t believe their figures or alleged reasoning: an ulterior motive.

Very interestingly:

Ms McAlpine added: “Free movement also makes it easier for tourists from the rest of the EU to visit Scotland…”

So, why is our beautiful country filled with unsightly wind turbines, which has become a factor in deterring tourists?

Because the SNP has a commitment to serve the Green god and the EU worships the same false god which is destroying our landscapes and industries.

And the foreign country in which I have holidayed most is Switzerland, which isn’t part of the zany club of Euro control freaks.

And the country (outside the UK) which provides Scotland with the largest number of visitors is the USA.

I’m sure that, freed from the EU’s shackles, should people from any other country in the world want to visit our land full of bird-choppers, EU membership will not be important; in fact, we should be able to use our independence from the EU for our benefit.

I’m not a particular fan of Boris Johnson, but when he says that, “The only continent with weaker economic growth than Europe is Antarctica,” then we need to rethink our global trading strategy and that means freeing ourselves from EU protectionism and crippling regulations which damage our capacity to trade advantageously with the rest of the world.

In Scotland, as a whole, tourism provides more jobs than agriculture does, so doesn’t it make more sense to free ourselves from Brussels bureaucracy and attract visitors from all over the world – from the growing economies who have more money to spend (and their visits will support our farms and fisheries)?

It begs the question: is the SNP more concerned about Scotland’s future economic situation or about getting another ‘independence’ referendum?

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Failed in Wales

I have just watched the debate on the EU referendum between the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Nigel Farage.

This is the first time I have really heard Carwyn Jones. I don’t know if he has a nickname, but an apt one would be “Get Yer Facts Right!”.

This is rich coming from someone who either really doesn’t ‘get it’ or is playing stupid in order to stick to Labour Party policy in order to keep his job.

I don’t know how many times he talked about the importance of his “nation”, Wales, and how “proud” (comes before destruction, Get Yer Facts Right) he is of it, yet he is dead against “nationhood”.

The poor man is deluded; possibly schizophrenic, seeing as he is proud to be Welsh, British and European. I’m surprised he didn’t say he was proud to come from Earth.

He is so busy being proud that he fails to see (or wilfully ignores the fact) that his “nation” (without nationhood, because that’s bad!) has prostrated itself at the feet of the EU.

I couldn’t help notice his initial aggressive body language, which seemed to diminish when it became apparent that the majority of the audience wasn’t buying his tired old propaganda.

He is so “proud” of his nation-without-nationhood that he is desperate to cling onto the increasingly despotic EU for handouts to farmers and others and wants us to believe that all the big companies will move out of Wales after we leave the EU.

Didn’t that happen about thirty years ago? Remember the “Not the Nine O’Clock News” song, “Failed in Wales”, about the many companies, including the steel works, that went bust?

What good did being a member of the EEC do Wales then?

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Named Person: Police State Scotland


The Scottish Government: plans to interfere in all aspects of every child’s life.

I have emailed this letter to our local paper:

I want to make the readers aware of one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation I can remember in my lifetime and there is little time left to act. Every child in Scotland will be affected.

We have until 30th to email the Scottish Government with our objections to the ‘Named Person’ legislation.

To believe that this idea is being implemented to safeguard Scotland’s children is naive in the extreme. This is not just about abuse, which of course is repugnant, it concerns every aspect of a child’s life from their birth to 18th birthday (or even after that if still at school).

There follows some examples of what your child’s Named Person (i.e. State guardian) is to be involved with and how parents, other family members and school friends could be dragged into conflict with the State.

Children’s ‘wellbeing’ will be monitored. An ‘Easy to Read Guide’ to the plans describes wellbeing as “another word for how happy you are” and says that a Named Person will check that a child is respected, which includes being given a say in what they watch on TV and how their room is decorated.

Can you see already how this is not about wellbeing, but about control? Control is at the centre of this scheme. If your child wants to plaster his bedroom walls with death metal posters and you disapprove, he can have a word with his Named Person (probably a teacher or health worker).

In other words, your children, your home and your beliefs will become the property of the State. The State will be using children to modify (read: coerce; bully; threaten) how parents act and undermine their beliefs and diminish parental responsibility and authority, weakening the family.

Many professionals have spoken out about the scheme’s potential dangers.

Carole Ford, former President of ‘School Leaders Scotland’, wrote to The Scotsman criticising the scheme.

She wrote that whilst a single point of contact is welcome, appointing a named person for every child is a “completely unnecessary interference with parental rights” which actually “diminishes parental responsibility”.

She said that this is “a direction of travel no sensible society would follow”.

She also stressed that implementing the scheme for all children, rather than those who are specifically identified as vulnerable, would make its impact “so thin as to be negligible”.

The full statutory scheme is scheduled for next August, but pilot schemes are already operating in many areas.

A senior teacher in a Moray secondary school has been convicted of sending grossly offensive or indecent images of children; she had been the ‘Named Person’ for 200 pupils!

Simon Calvert, NO2NP spokesman, said: “It has to be hoped that the local authority has begun an internal inquiry into how such a person could ever have been given such a powerful role in the lives of children.

“The Scottish Government must tell parents what additional steps it is taking to vet Named Persons. Given their greatly increased involvement in the personal lives of children, there clearly ought to be greatly increased background checks to make sure they cannot abuse that position of trust.”

I contacted our new MP, Richard Arkless, about a separate matter. He was very helpful, so I told him of my concerns about the ‘Named Persons’ scheme. He supports the plans and replied that, “I think we have to agree to disagree on this”.

I reminded him that he is entitled to his opinion, but that he is employed to represent us, regardless of his own views, unless these conflict with his conscience. I await his reply to my last email with interest, especially his views on this question:

“Some people say they will refuse to accept a Named Person for their children.

“What will happen to them? Will their children be removed in dawn raids by social workers accompanied by police?”

That might sound like fantasy, but in the past, families in Glasgow whose asylum applications were rejected have been subjected to dawn raids and sent back to the likes of Kosovo and Albania with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. Where was the concern for children’s “wellbeing” then?

The ‘Named Person’ scheme is part of GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child). According to the Scottish Government’s website,

“The Wellbeing Indicators are used to record observations, events and concerns and as an aid in putting together a child’s plan – if one is needed. The My World Triangle and the Resilience Matrix are used to gather, structure and help with assessing and analysing information.”

This sounds like ‘1984’ meets ‘Brave New World’ to me; as I wrote earlier, I believe this is all about control.

I have read that some pupils have been grilled by their Named Persons into divulging information about their classmates, such as whether they smoke or drink. No doubt, their political and religious views will also be of interest, like how non-PC they are so that they can be enrolled in re-education classes.

Whatever happened to privacy and trust? These cannot be permitted when a government is so out of control. Information gathered from children will be shared, i.e. made available, for many people to access. The dangers are obvious.

The Scottish Government tries to insist that parental rights will not be undermined in any way, but children are already encouraged to seek confidential NHS treatment with neither the knowledge nor the consent of their parents.

Some parents say they are not prepared to cooperate, but as Aidan O’Neill QC says, “Not only can you not opt out of the scheme you have to positively co-operate with the Named Person otherwise you could be characterised as ‘hostile’ or ‘non-engaging’ which leads to further state involvement.”

I encourage everyone to contact our South of Scotland MSPs of all parties urgently. You might also like to tell our MP, Richard Arkless, how you feel. His party is imposing this gross infringement on freedom and privacy. What they are saying is that no parent in Scotland can be trusted to raise their own children.

The unfortunate fact is that politicians will mostly toe the party line and will refuse to acknowledge reason or try to constructively deal with concerns. They must be made to – they work for us!

The independence of the family is at stake as is the safety of children, both at the hands of possible unscrupulous ‘Named Persons’ and by creating so much ‘noise’ in the system that genuine cases of abuse and neglect could fail to be noticed because the attention has been diverted towards little Johnny or Jenny’s bedrooms not being decorated quite as they would have liked.


Spiked has tried to understand why the Scottish Government and Welsh and London assemblies are more authoritarian than Westminster:

“The trouble here, though, is that ministers in the Welsh Assembly or the Scottish Parliament instinctively understand that the devolved assemblies aren’t powerhouses of decision-making. Local assemblies may be able to make decisions on collecting the bins, sorting out street lighting or tinkering with transport, but they’re not in a position to make a substantial difference to a region’s economy. They’re not in a position to implement changes that can improve infrastructure or affect the lives of people in any meaningful way. Instead, they have the power to meddle, interfere and restrict ordinary people’s day-to-day behaviour. They’re meaningless institutions desperately in search of meaning. So, in order to create a sense of purpose, to show they’re more than just talking shops, the devolved assemblies introduce fresh bans, new laws and more red tape. Yes, banning e-cigarettes in public places or placing all children under state surveillance doesn’t make much rational sense. But for a minister seeking to justify their existence, such policies make perfect sense.” ”

“…activists are more likely to defend all sorts of authoritarian measures that they would object to if Westminster had introduced them. The SNP congratulates itself for demolishing the Labour Party’s support in Scotland, only to introduce controls and bans that make New Labour appear like a collection of commune-dwelling anarchists. As anyone who has argued with SNP members will know, they’re bizarrely incapable of making any critical judgements about their party’s poisonous authoritarianism. The centrality of Scottish identity is a way through which politics is now suspended north of the border.”

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UK Government Drops Bid to Provide Services to Saudi Prisons. More to Do

Ali al-NimrFrom an email just received from Reprieve and regarding my previous posts:

“The UK government has today announced that it will drop its bid to provide services to the Saudi prison system.

“With two juveniles at imminent risk of execution by the Saudi authorities, this decision could not have come soon enough – thank you for being part of our campaign to make it happen.

“Over 7,000 of us emailed Justice Minister Michael Gove to let him know that the UK government cannot be complicit in the same system that is threatening to execute juveniles for the ‘crime’ of protesting.

“Ali al-Nimr and Dawoud al-Marhoon were both 17 when they were arrested and tortured into ‘confessions’ in the wake of political protests in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. They were both sentenced to death. Executions are shrouded in secrecy in Saudi Arabia, and it is possible that both juveniles could now be executed at any time, without prior notification to their families. Both face execution by beheading – Ali was sentenced to ‘crucifixion’, which involves public display of his body after he is beheaded.

“Cancelling the bid has sent a clear message that the UK does not support Saudi Arabia’s gross violations of human rights – a message that comes at a crucial time, with fears that Ali and Dawoud could be executed at any moment as both are moved into solitary confinement.”

They took their time cancelling the bid, but it shows what a few appeals can do. Imagine if ten million of us snowploughed politicians, government departments, embassies, etc. when gross injustices are evident.

Well, there are young men in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere who still need us to intervene on their behalf. Do not be afraid to contact people! I have been calling the Saudi Embassy in London and the UK Embassy in Riyadh together with my MP and emailing our Ministry of Justice (as they wouldn’t allow me to speak to anyone!). They might not call you back or email back, but they get your message.

David Cameron has even joined Jeremy Corbyn in asking for Ali al-Nimr to be spared the death sentence. There is still silence from the USA (those people spreading ‘democracy’ around the globe!). I called their London embassy yesterday. The women I spoke to hadn’t heard of this situation and would not put me through to the Ambassador, saying that I would have to write to Grosvenor Square instead.

I emphasised the urgency of the situation and asked her to pass my details on to the Ambassador anyway. It is sometimes interesting to note their reactions when their humanity is pitted against their duty to comply with the ‘system’ when 21 year-old men are due for beheading at any moment.

Their Edinburgh consulate‘s automated telephone system was a nuisance and I didn’t get to speak to anyone, so emailed them.

I will be keeping the pressure up on them too. If they want to be the world’s police force, they had better be seen to justify it. Again, for a change. But when people do not hold them to account they will do nothing or act contrary to our interests.

The UK Government has done the right thing for a change. Do not expect them to do it again without even more pressure. It is your country too. Take control! Have fun with it (while being responsible, naturally).

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How the World Works

Here’s how the world works:

1. We bomb countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to bits to give them ‘democracy’.

2. We become friends with countries like Saudi Arabia who behead and crucify people who peacefully demonstrate for ‘democracy’, even bidding to improve their prison service which tortures people.

3. Backroom deals are done to make everything look so respectful.


Do something.

This is easy – simple petition on Government’s website. petition.

Avaaz – now well over a million signatures.

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Stop the Saudi Crucifixion

While the UK is disgusted/amused/bemused by the revelations of an alleged encounter of a sexual nature between David Cameron and a pig’s head, his pals in Saudi Arabia are planning to behead and then ‘crucify’ the body of 17 year-old Ali al-Nimr for demonstrating against the power-mad, amoral and psychotically tetchy regime there.

Please sign the petition and send an email to Michael Gove here.

Incidentally, our Ministry of Justice is bidding to provide support to the Saudi prisons service. More blood money from the Arab world to our morally repugnant swine in government.

You can contact the Saudi Ambassador to the UK in London.

You can contact our man in Riyadh here. (They are closed today, 23rd, for ‘Saudi National Day’).

A Saudi official has just been given a top human rights job at the UN:

THE United Nations (UN) has been attacked over the “scandalous” appointment of a Saudi Arabia official to a top human rights job – despite the repressive regime having beheaded more people this year than Islamic State.

Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr is also due to be killed at any moment on apparently trumped-up charges.

Help stop the rot.

UPDATE 8:41pm – I have just noticed this Statement from The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in London about someone called Raif Badawi. I don’t know who he is or what he has allegedly done, but the statement says:

In response to recent statements by various countries and international organisations regarding the case of Saudi citizen Raif Badawi, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia wishes to state that it has no tolerance for foreign entities meddling in the Kingdom’s internal affairs. The Kingdom will not tolerate such outrageous, ridiculous interference in its sovereign criminal justice system.

It is important to note that the case in question was administered according to legitimate Saudi statutes by a respected Saudi judge whose task is to execute the laws of the country. The Kingdom upholds and protects the independent status of its judiciary and the equal treatment of all its citizens.

According to HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, “the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia works to foster positive relations between the Kingdom and the UK. To do so, we support the independence of other countries’ legal systems. Hence, we expect the same respect for the decisions of our court system as we accord the court system of other nations.”

In short, Saudi Arabia strongly condemns foreign parties intruding into its internal affairs. Sovereignty is absolute, and it should be treated with the utmost respect. As it would expect any other nation to do, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia categorically rejects any form of external pressure that any entity may bring to bear upon its legal process.

Do you think they have good reason to be this paranoid? I expect they have many good reasons. The country is infamous for callous legal decisions, no doubt made by “respected Saudi judge[s]”.

Sorry, Saudis, but your sins shall find you out. The tyranny which exists in your country demands that decent people throughout the world expose your ways and intervene in your affairs.

As for your assertion that “sovereignty is absolute”, this is a lie. You are a member of the United Nations, which does not allow for such a situation to exist.

If you treat your people with respect then the rest of the world will treat you with respect and there will be no need to issue such petulant statements in the future.

If you are going to behead teenagers for wanting more freedom or thrash women half to death for being raped then expect “external pressure” and exposure of your “justice” system as long as you continue in your barbarous ways which do not belong in the 21st century or in any other century.