Brazilian president wants to ban any public criticism of homosexual behaviour

The Christian Institute reports that Brazilian television programmes which convey the message that homosexual acts are immoral or unhealthy are to be banned from daytime schedules.

Brazil’s Justice Secretary said that while such programmes would be restricted to after 11pm, “the ideal is that they not be shown at any time.”

A critic of the move, Peter LaBarbera, said: “It seems that the Brazilian government is moving towards a pro-homosexual totalitarianism which directly impinges on the rights of Christians to be Christian.”

President Lula is also seeking to pass an “anti-homophobia” law that would ban any public criticism of homosexuals or homosexual behaviour.

The new British legislation of ‘inciting hatred on grounds of sexual orientation’ has a free speech clause that offers a safety net for people to express their opinion about homosexuality without being accused of ‘inciting hatred’. The government wants this guarantee removed, so perhaps we are also moving towards a “pro-homosexual totalitarianism”.

The time is NOW to stand up for decency and freedom because one day soon it will be too late.

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